Character Build: The Arcane Warrior

'Sup all? I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently, and I've been looking back at the old FudgeMuppet builds that I first played in my early days with Skyrim. Boy oh boy is there some wasted potential there. There are some great core concepts in place, but I find some of the relatively bland mechanics, as well as the fact that the builds don't play with EnaiRim, to be no longer in my taste. I wanted to do a playthrough with some of these builds still, so I ended up building my version of the original concept. Although I had originally intended for this to be a personal project, I figured since I had already done the work I might as well post them as builds here. For all you hardcore FudgeMuppet fans out there, please don't get too annoyed about this. FudgeMuppet builds may not be my style but they certainly have their place within the Skyrim community.

Before we get moving I just wanted to remind everyone quickly to leave a like if you enjoy the build. Thanks!

With all of that aside, here’s the build . . .


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  • Wow amazing! Dude, send Fudgemuppet a link to this build alongside a gif of you dropping a literal mic, because you just destroyed them.

    • lol if I knew how to make GIFs I might.

      Seriously though thanks I am very happy you enjoyed it. I'll have a few of these coming out in relatively quick succession (at least comparatively to the timing between other builds) because I have had a broad concept of most of them for awhile since I made them for myself originally. It's encouraging that this one is being so well recieved. Thank you for your kind words, sir. 

  • I knew these would be good.  Can't wait to see more.  

    • You confidence is flattering :D

      There will be a few more relatively soon(ish). As I said in this build I had originally made them just for myself to play but I figured if I'm making them anyway I might as well post 'em. I'm really pleased that people are recieving it so well. Thanks for the comment m8. 

  • Wow, those combos were amazing. It is clear that you put a lot of effort into this build, Kudos sir!

    • Hoenstly the abilities are my favorite part of every build I do. They take a bit of struggle to get right but there's nothing like that feeling when it all clicks into place and you get a cohesive unique gameplay mechanic. 

      I do try to make effort apparent, and I'm glad to hear that shows through. Glad you enjoyed!

  • Hey Pixel, you forgot to add your Rank:Apprentice

  • This looks sweet dude. My only very minor ask is to include a level in the perkspread so that I can tell how many perks until "completion" at a glance.

    • Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.

      A lot of people have commented on that, about the level. I never saw it as that important but I guess a lot of people do so I will start to include it. 

      • It’s quite helpful. Gives readers a good idea of how large or small a build is.

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