Hey guys, one thing I've noticed is the wealth of knowledge in the Classics - that many, both veteran and those just starting to play it, may not realise the interesting effects, tips and tricks that one can do. Hence this discussion, this is created to essentially be a 'treasure trove' of info for those doing playthroughs or looking for inspirations for Builds!

Interesting fact, did you know that Dispel is one of the most unique spells in Oblivion? It has the ability to completely remove the targets magic effects. In other words, if you hit a Mage who has summoned a Frost Atronach and casted a Shield spell on themselves, with Dispel, it will completely remove the Shield and the summon spell. But working out exactly what level magnitude of Dispel will remove particular spells is rather difficult and confusing - but very interesting. Food for thought eh?3180186746?profile=RESIZE_710x

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