Welcome to my page! I'm a long-time member of the Skyrim community, particularly in the Character Building space. I've got some links to my content, both on the Skyforge and elsewhere, below. Feel free to hit me up here on via Discord if you want to get in touch!

My Builds


The Paladin - A holy warrior wielding both martial and magical prowess, deriving their power from a particular cause or patron. My first and likely most well-known build.

The Nightingale Swordsman - A stealthy fighter utilising speed and finesse over raw strength. My answer to the prevalent 'sneak archer' trope of stealth builds.

The Last Dragonborn - A shout-heavy warrior build, inspired by the depiction of the Dragonborn on Alduin's Wall. My magnum opus from back in 2014.

The Nightguard -A powerful ancient vampire who uses their powers to protect the people of Tamriel. Designed to utilise the Vampire Lord form to its fullest, complementing the abilities of the humanoid form. It's even been featured on the Skyforge Youtube channel!

The Aspect Knight -A dragon-themed armored battlemage using a mix of weapons, shields and spells. Heavily uses content from the Dragonborn DLC.

The Shaper - Similar to the Nightguard, the Shaper is a powerful mage who can shapeshift into a werewolf to cover the weaknesses of their humanoid form. A versatile build that is certainly one of my favourites.

The Arcane Bladesman - One of my earliest builds and the first in the 'Arcane' series. The Bladesman is a versatile spellsword who utilises mage armor and a bound weapon to fight on the frontlines.

The Arcane Marksman - A follow-up to the Arcane Bladesman with a heavy emphasis on the Bound Bow. The gameplay for this one is fairly straightforward but very satisfying!

The Arcane Assassin - The third and final build in the 'Arcane' series, this one is a vampiric nightblade who utilises the Bound Dagger and Illusion spells.

The Skystrider - A highly mobile dual-wielding spellsword who utilises frost and lightning effects to gain an edge over their opponents. Parts of this playstyle were something of a precursor to the Nightingale Swordsman.

The Soulknife - An enchanting-centric build focusing on wielding an array of enchanted Dragon Priest daggers with different elemental effects. One of my more powergame-centric builds.

The Prodigy - An interesting hybrid build that can handle stealth, close combat and control effects. One of my rarer roleplay builds with a story focused around Miraak.

The Mabrigash - Inspired by Ashlander lore, this powerful battlemage build causes chaos with Illusion and Destruction spells before heading to the frontlines with a poisoned battleaxe. One of the first builds to utilise the now well-known Aspect of Terror bug to boost the damage of fire spells.

The Tinkerer - Something of a scientist build, focused around Dwemer artifacts & technology as well as the Spider Scrolls from Dragonborn.

The Veteran - A versatile warrior build, utilising all varieties of arms and armour. The idea here was to have a build that can utilise any and all loot they find in their travels.

The First - Ironically my most recent build, this undead Dragon Priest is inspired by the Elder One from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Other Games

The Technician (Fallout 4) - A tech-heavy firearms specialist with a heavy focus on the game's crafting system.

The Survivor (Fallout 4) - Built specifically for Fallout 4's post-release survival mode, this build hones in on an enjoyable and (mostly) realistic gameplay experience.

The Thalmor (TES IV: Oblivion) - A versatile close-combat mage with aesthetics and roleplay inspired by the Thalmor of later TES releases.

Other Content

The Elder Scrolls: D20 - A deep tabletop role-playing game system based on the Elder Scrolls that I've built from the ground up. There's a full set of rules available as well as a short sample adventure.

My YouTube Channel - Here you can find demonstration videos for all my builds as well as a handful of other content for both TES and other games.

The Lamp Descendant - A multi-chapter backstory about the last living Lamp Knights in 4th Era High Rock.

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"Thanks Lee, appreciate you following along this far!
Definitely planning on doing some more writing in the future, this venture has really given me a lot of confidence in that regard. Not sure if it'll all be TES related but I might put together som…"
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"Oh boy, where do I begin. There's so many fantastic NPCs that can and can't be married which I've fallen in love with at some point during my hundreds of hours in-game! I'll drop my top 3 here:

Muiri: The goth gf you always wanted. Not only is this…"
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"My main was always a Templar back when I was playing. I'd usually run a healing spec while doing group content and their lineup of healing abilities really gave them a bit of extra versatility over other classes.
I've got a lot of love for Dragonkni…"
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First off we have a guide which can run you through the basics of making your own build.
I would…"
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I do have a few po…"
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Unlike the presentation, the playstyle certainly sounds very chaotic! The whole writeup is oozing with excitement and the dis…"
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"As tropey as it is I've always loved stories about prophecy with events spanning hundreds of years. I based my 'canon' Dragonborn off the Last Dragonborn depicted on Alduin's Wall in Cloud Ruler Temple, clad in Blades armour and wielding their weapo…"
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  • Hey, Ponty! Welcome!

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How did you find this community?

Curse invited me after a long period of inactivity amongst the Skyrim community. It's been great reconnecting with people and helping nurture some of the new members!

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO.

What Fallout games have you played?

Fallout Tactics, 3, New Vegas and 4.

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

Of course I don't.


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