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Skytales: A Story Corner Event

Hail, scholars and adventurers alike! Its been awhile since we have had an event here in the Story Corner, but with Telby's recent proposition of a casual build event, it seems appropriate to do a complimentary one here in the Story Corner. ~ Theme ~ This writing event has a simple theme: Character Builds on the Skyforge. We have a very active and talented building community here on the Forge. Some builds are created as specific characters, while some have more vague personalities and…

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C.o.t.W Chapter 128: Dawn is Breaking

Inigo fell to him knees and cried out. He cursed the silver dawn; though he did not know who they were. After five minutes of grief, he noticed a medal lying in the grass  He picked it up and noted how on one side was the sigil of Molag Bal: a effigy of his hideous skull-like face and, on the other, a sivler emblem of a budding fireball with tails of dragons offshotting from it. The khajiit hastily placed the silver pendant in his bag and headed for the prison that he believed his friend was…

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C.o.t.W Chapter 127: Shadow of the Nameless

Hasir looked at Xeeka as if he were scrutizing a tasty fish before ingesting it."How did you meet this Sharp-As-Night? Did you two have a love affair in a dark alley or something?" Xeeka raised a hand and slapped the insolent Argonian. Never before had she been as insulted as to be told such as bold-faced lie, by her own kin no less."How fucking dare you! Sharp and I were friends nothing more." " She raised a threatening clawed finger, "One more word of the sort and I will not tell you of this…

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C.o.t.W Chapter 126: The Wilted Rose

 Hasir satred back at Veexith and merely shrugged. He did not have the faintest idea. Though, he did have a hunch, he just hoped he was wrong."I have no idea. My best guess is that the Doomstrider sensed you soul burning through his dark clouds and vanished." He sat on a loose stone nearby, placing his head in his hands. "Either that or Molag Bal call him back to start bolstering their unholy forces further." He shook his head. "I honestyl have no idea." He turned to Inigo to see if the khajiit…

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The Imperial Auditor - Chapter One

My wagon contained a rebel, a peasant and a rather rough looking individual who may once have been from noble stock, in addition to his hands being bound he was also gagged. The wagons pulled out of the small courtyard and proceeded along tree lined roads, the morning sun breaking through the treetops to dapple my fellow prisoners and I in its light.Damned Stormcloaks," muttered the peasant, he was an unpleasant looking sort, "life was easy before you came along.""Watch your tongue horse thief!…

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D.K.R Year 1 Fledgling Part 4 Devious Dealings

  The Argonians boarded the boat along with Mere-glim, he put his tail in the water and eased the boat away from the dock, turned the vessel away  and headed for Vvardenfell. Drujeeta and Juleen discussed the vision with Glim. The argonian said they should go to Winterhold because he had  heard that there was someone there that was well versed in visions. Drujeeta became deadly silent and fixed her eye on a point far ahead of her. Juleen glanced over to his wife and saw her stonefaced…

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C.o.t.w Chapter: The Endless Grey

As Hasir, Inigo and the other companions ermerged from the portal, they found themselves in a city with a sky that burned cold andhad equally creepy architecture. The foreboding atmosphere only served to triple the grief that had their hearts in a vice-like grip. Xelzaz found a small pub near the mages guild, opened the door and motioned everyone inside. He went up to the bar and orderedsix mead. The daedric bartender looked at him like he had six heads."Molag Bal does not serve 'mead' here,…

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The Imperial Auditor - ToC

IntroductionThe trials and tribulations of an Imperial administrator taking his first steps outside of Cyrodiil, to Skyrim the land of dragons, rebels and draugr to complete a census of the population. This journey would never go according to plan, however Auguris Cedas believed in the might and rules of the Empire, and would complete his task, one way or another...Table of Contents ~~ Prologue ~~Where Auguris finds himself in a bit of a fix ~~ PrologueChapter One ~~Auguris is in denial, who…

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  • I love writing, but do the stories HAVE to be based in the world of the Elder Scrolls? I would post some of my stories if they didn't have to be TES based.
    • Are they loosely fantasy based? If so I don't see why not. I want to encourage rather than discourage activity
      • Yeah, they are all medieval-fantasy like the world of Oblivion and Skyrim
  • Okay hopefully I can help increase activity in this group :D Working on it
  • Does anybody have any real interest in this group? Its not got that many members and I feel like everybody kind of just ignores it. At least it's not as bad as the Modding group D: lol
    • We'll grow more eventually as a site, so all groups will grow. I do enjoy a good story every now and then, but (like most people) I don't recognize myself as a writer.
    • It takes committed people to generate the interest in any given group. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm sure other writing enthusiasts from every which corner would love to help get a new story corner on its feet.
      • That is very true. I will ask around tomorrow or later today if anybody is interested in getting the Story Corner up and running. Because right now only 2 people including me have posted topics :P Hopefully we'll get some new authors in the group soon enough!
        • I will posting my ToC shortly. From experience, story groups work better whwn stories are posted
          • Im working on some stories myself :)
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