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Skytales: A Story Corner Event

Hail, scholars and adventurers alike! Its been awhile since we have had an event here in the Story Corner, but with Telby's recent proposition of a casual build event, it seems appropriate to do a complimentary one here in the Story Corner. ~ Theme ~ This writing event has a simple theme: Character Builds on the Skyforge. We have a very active and talented building community here on the Forge. Some builds are created as specific characters, while some have more vague personalities and…

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14 Replies · Reply by Pixel Jul 16, 2020

Straag Rod: Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 9

Straag Rod, Book 1: Fate Goes Ever as it Must, Part 1Chapter 9: The KeyThe door opened and Archmagister Rynandor stepped into his closet of his study, carrying a burlap sack that he hoped was not dripping too heavily onto the floor or the scent too much of a giveaway. He disappeared into what he now considered his sanctuary in this dark time, his stomach growling with anticipation, leaving the door open for ventilation. “Welcome, Archmagister, and thank ya.” A cheerful voice towards the center…

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2 Replies · Reply by The Long-Chapper Jan 7

Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter VI: History of the Seals

IX There have been but few things in my time as head of the IID that burned themselves into my memory. I remember one such case of a pregnant, Imperial woman who had been hung naked from a tree like a fruit. Her unborn was forced outside to dangle just below her on the umbilical cord. "Two people hanged for the price of one!", I remember him saying triumphantly as he laughed in my face. That day I found the true evil that lurks within men. A part of me hoped to find the bandit chief in…

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The Book of Languages - Part IX: Divine Script

Divine Script The Divine Script is a system of writing that has been observed in oy two instances: On the Eye of Magnus and on the banners and within the black books that are found within the Apocrypha of Hermaeus Mora. There are no known translations of this script. As such, scholars were unable to decipher the texts that exist. The name "Divine Script" is given to this set of glyphs by these researchers and is not the true name of this alphabet.  ———Back to Table of Contents———

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7 Replies · Reply by Indrele the Less Dec 23, 2020

The Places You're Not Supposed to Visit - Chapter III

XII In retrospect, I should have probably never defied the laws and regulations of the Institute. Some horrible deaths could have been prevented and who knows? Perhaps I could have grown into a proficient teacher myself by now. Or became a scholar with some reputation whose knowledge is sought after by many kingdoms. But if this was the case, none of the groundbreaking revelations I have to relay would have been discovered. Any lesser wizard than I would have been consumed by Agea Relle's…

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Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter V: Foul Betrayal

VI Until the last, I had not known the tragedy that had befallen the kingdom that the three of us had trespassed upon. The reason behind all the rot and decay. I only knew that it stood in connexion to the seal of bone that Nephethys, Shthelith and I sought to acquire when we stepped into the woods, through the hamlet before the castle. And on our journey we saw many things, terrifying and unspeakable but none as bizarre as the sight that revealed itself before us in the throne room.We had…

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Short Story: Thanur

Red-haired Thunar grew up poor, weak, and helpless. His father, Signar, was once a proud mercenary-warrior; half-Nord and half-giant.  Then one day, he entered into a state of grief that he never left. Around him, nobody knew what caused him to fall into such a deep despair; they could only pity him. That is all Thunar saw of his father. The red-haired, silver-eyed boy was disliked by everyone for his weakness, and even his father’s mercenary band considered him a failure. Except for…

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The Places You're Not Supposed to Visit - Chapter II

VI Before I speak about my experiences pertaining to the rescue of the three students of the Institute of the Water's Wisdom, who ventured into the depths of the ancient Agea Relle in response to my "wrongdoings", let me clearly state that I had no idea what I was dealing with. I couldn't have been less prepared for the oncoming events and my foolish belief in what knowledge I had hitherto attained would grind my resolve to a fine powder, carried away as a gentle mist along the twisted paths of…

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Tales of Lamp Camp - Table of Contents

Tales of Lamp CampInspired by the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender, GMs Ponty and Kendrix have put together a series of short stories offering a slice of life view into the daily lives of some of the non-player characters in the Dragon's Dozen roleplaying campaign. Set in the year 4E225, the campaign canon builds upon Skyrim with elements from Ponty's Lamp Descendant and Kendrix's Daughter of Dominion.TalesEbonySnowMore to come soon...

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Tales of Lamp Camp: Snow

This is the second installment in a series of short stories following the NPCs of our ongoing roleplaying campaign, The Dragon's Dozen. More to come soon!=====================================================================The icy winds that tore through early morning Labyrinthian were a bitter cold, yet I found myself glistening with a fine layer of sweat. Fresh bruises discolored my exposed skin in hues of purple and green while arcane frost still clung to the hems of my robe. It seemed my…

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Tales of Lamp Camp: Ebony

This is the first in a series of short stories following the NPCs of our ongoing roleplaying campaign, The Dragon's Dozen. More to come soon!=====================================================================It seemed to start as a day like any other. I worked the forge, embers and sparks drifting up from the flames as the snows drifted down from above. With the adventurers out on the Lamp Knights’ next bout of assignments, the place was quiet, almost peaceful. Winds whipped through the…

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  • I love writing, but do the stories HAVE to be based in the world of the Elder Scrolls? I would post some of my stories if they didn't have to be TES based.
    • Are they loosely fantasy based? If so I don't see why not. I want to encourage rather than discourage activity
      • Yeah, they are all medieval-fantasy like the world of Oblivion and Skyrim
  • Okay hopefully I can help increase activity in this group :D Working on it
  • Does anybody have any real interest in this group? Its not got that many members and I feel like everybody kind of just ignores it. At least it's not as bad as the Modding group D: lol
    • We'll grow more eventually as a site, so all groups will grow. I do enjoy a good story every now and then, but (like most people) I don't recognize myself as a writer.
    • It takes committed people to generate the interest in any given group. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm sure other writing enthusiasts from every which corner would love to help get a new story corner on its feet.
      • That is very true. I will ask around tomorrow or later today if anybody is interested in getting the Story Corner up and running. Because right now only 2 people including me have posted topics :P Hopefully we'll get some new authors in the group soon enough!
        • I will posting my ToC shortly. From experience, story groups work better whwn stories are posted
          • Im working on some stories myself :)
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