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Skytales: A Story Corner Event

Hail, scholars and adventurers alike! Its been awhile since we have had an event here in the Story Corner, but with Telby's recent proposition of a casual build event, it seems appropriate to do a complimentary one here in the Story Corner. ~ Theme ~ This writing event has a simple theme: Character Builds on the Skyforge. We have a very active and talented building community here on the Forge. Some builds are created as specific characters, while some have more vague personalities and…

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14 Replies · Reply by Pixel Jul 16, 2020

Of Magecraft and Spider Silk Chapter 1-The Journey Begins

Of Magecraft and Spider Silk  Chapter 1The Journey Begins(Tenkai) Even though I and my colleagues had summoned Daedra before, I always was wary whenever my back was turned to one. As I led her through the halls towards the main chamber, a thought came to mind, as I stopped, turning to face the Perthan I had called forth from the latticed realm of Mephala. “I never quite caught your name, or, well, is there anything you’d like me to call you?” I inquired. While, of course, it was unlikely she…

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4 Replies · Reply by Chris Diokno yesterday

Suicidal Neurosis

What If Talos was the main villain of Skyrim? What if the Dovahkiin was going insane? A boy with nothing to live for finds hope when he meets a Divine goddess while learning the Empire's Greatest Hero isn't that great. A Total Rewrite of Skyrim's Story. High/Dark Fantasy Skyrim w/ a futuristic dystopian flair. Talos IS Lorkhan. Talos vs. The Last Dragonborn. No Alduin Alternate Universe.So, I am going to leave a link to where this story can be read because it would be very diffifult to upload…

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1 Reply · Reply by Shai'Tan The Dark One Nov 5

Straag Rod (The Turning Wheel): ToC

Welcome! This is the Table of the Contents for a series of books that will chronicle the life of the Altmer, Äelberon of Dusk, the Last Dragonborn. This page will regularly be updated with links as chapters are published. Originally posted on Steam and then The Skyrim Blog and Tamriel Vault, the version presented here is a rewrite that revises a lot of what I disliked about its initial drafts. If you enjoyed the series from those other sites, it may be worth a reread as it is significantly…

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6 Replies · Reply by Matt Feeney Oct 29

Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter XI: So Close, Yet So Far

XX Nephethys was beginning to lose the sliver of vitality she had left. The dark elf stumbled through the darkness in her undergarments and a single blade in her right. The battle with the dæmon who almost choked her to death left her weakened, almost crippled as she was still gasping for air long after the fight. When the monster suddenly let go of her, she ran for her life. Not her typical approach to things but she knew that the poison in her veins was feeding on her strength. By the time…

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Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter X: The Seal of Blood

XVIII  The pillar had all but vanished into the ground. But before I could explore this newly accessible area I had to deal with the situation at hand first. A robed figure was approaching from some distance away. It clearly wasn't Nephethys. I was already getting my hopes up for Shthelith. To finally see a familiar face again. On top of this, because of my partly broken helmet I was able to speak and be heard so I could explain to him my misery. I waved at him and called out to him, for I…

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Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter IX: Down

XVI The least I had expected was to be attacked by an ally. Out of nowhere, the dark silhouette whirred past me with stunning speed and hid in the shadows beyond. I briefly wondered what it was, for I could tell all the things it evidently was not, when I got interrupted by a searing pain in my right hip. The black gust had slashed me on its way past! Even more surprised was I at the sudden assault for my trying in removing the helmet that had grown around my head. The horned contraption, I…

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Straag Rod: Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 11

Straag Rod, Book 1: Fate Goes Ever as it Must, Part 1Chapter 11: The Legend433 3E,  Great Anguish, Battle for Crystal-Like-LawÄelberon sniffed, his nose wrinkling from the acrid odor of magical afterburn, his eyes watering from the perpetual smolder of Dagon’s fires. A volley of unholy magic spat forth from the Daedric hordes, flame, death, and chaos. Only to meet a shimmer of crystal blue rippling from the Tower mages at the edge of the battlements. The dark magicks sputtered from the ward’s…

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1 Reply · Reply by WellTemperedClavier Aug 15

The Book of Languages - Part XII: Dark Elf Script

Dark Elf ScriptThe Dark Elf Script as it is (or was) used by slavers in and around the region of Tear. It is not known if there exists a separate language for this script specifically or if Dunmeris/Alt-Redoranis is used. From what we know, the direction in which the glyphs are written is inconsistent and there exists no known cipher. ———Back to Table of Contents———

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4 Replies · Reply by Prime Jul 17

The Book of Languages - Part IX: Divine Script

Divine Script The Divine Script is a system of writing that has been observed in oy two instances: On the Eye of Magnus and on the banners and within the black books that are found within the Apocrypha of Hermaeus Mora. There are no known translations of this script. As such, scholars were unable to decipher the texts that exist. The name "Divine Script" is given to this set of glyphs by these researchers and is not the true name of this alphabet.  ———Back to Table of Contents———

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8 Replies · Reply by Prime Jul 16

Shape Your Flesh - Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse - Chapter VIII: The Truth

XIII Nephethys awoke alone in a large, foursquare hall, somewhere deep underneath the raging waves of a foul sea. Afore transpired a most dangerous flood of the nearby caves and tunnels that separated her and Shthelith from the poor Thorus, whose armour was too heavy to allow him to catch up in the underwater currents that appeared to flee from themselves. As a result, the blood elf and the Dunmer were drifting together in a little air bubble that Shthelith managed to construct around their…

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  • I love writing, but do the stories HAVE to be based in the world of the Elder Scrolls? I would post some of my stories if they didn't have to be TES based.
    • Are they loosely fantasy based? If so I don't see why not. I want to encourage rather than discourage activity
      • Yeah, they are all medieval-fantasy like the world of Oblivion and Skyrim
  • Okay hopefully I can help increase activity in this group :D Working on it
  • Does anybody have any real interest in this group? Its not got that many members and I feel like everybody kind of just ignores it. At least it's not as bad as the Modding group D: lol
    • We'll grow more eventually as a site, so all groups will grow. I do enjoy a good story every now and then, but (like most people) I don't recognize myself as a writer.
    • It takes committed people to generate the interest in any given group. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm sure other writing enthusiasts from every which corner would love to help get a new story corner on its feet.
      • That is very true. I will ask around tomorrow or later today if anybody is interested in getting the Story Corner up and running. Because right now only 2 people including me have posted topics :P Hopefully we'll get some new authors in the group soon enough!
        • I will posting my ToC shortly. From experience, story groups work better whwn stories are posted
          • Im working on some stories myself :)
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