ImogenCrusader posted a discussion in The Story Corner
A/N: So i originally shared this in the server for teldryn Tuesday, then half seriously brought up posting it here to finally contribute to the forge, and the others bullied encouraged me to do just that, this story was started on a whim, has no…
Mar 25, 2020
ImogenCrusader replied to Marook's discussion Do you Murderhobo?
"I don't murder hobo, but i do pickpocket hobo. I don't need to kill you for your loot if i can take it before you know I'm there after all ;D
In all seriousness though, Nah, i don't murder hobo, unless i have a reason to go somewhere i don't usually…"
Mar 8, 2020
ImogenCrusader replied to Carter1001's discussion PS4 Mods
"Can i see the list? I used to have skyrim on ps4 so i might be able to help, but by and large curse is right so we only help you so much ):"
Mar 2, 2020
ImogenCrusader replied to ImogenCrusader's discussion The Fugitive Forsworn in Skyrim Character Building
"Thank you, I wanted to do something  llittle unique, so i figured an anti-forsworn forsworn would be a good start!
I've been avoiding winters in just because it gets a wee bit complicated but I'll see if i can't find what the bonuses are/if they…"
Feb 18, 2020
ImogenCrusader posted a discussion in Skyrim Character Building
 I finally got up the courage to find a build i could A. Fully complete on my Xbox special edition and b.  Immersed and interested enough in for an immersive story.Pls be very, this is a big anxiety leap I'm taking and it's my very first time…
Feb 17, 2020
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Feb 16, 2020

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