Hey. I'm Matt. I'm around and I like Redguards (and DnD). That's about it.

Build Project

In the meantime, check out this Google Docs Folder with a bunch of builds I've stored for safekeeping incase some bad shit happens: Link

I'm still working on restoring and formatting the ones I can, but unfortunately, some elements are lost to time. Krosis. If you want to suggest I add a build for safekeeping, leave a comment or PM me. Builds should ideally be posted on either the Tamriel Vault or the Skyforge.

Gameplay Mechanics

I've also compiled a series of mechanics-related posts written by a member of the Skyrim Blog named James. These stemmed from James experimenting with certain mechanics, including Bash Damage and the Taper Mechanics from Fire Damage: Link

Anyway, here are some builds I like:

The Sword-Singer by Teccam -- Made by some nerd

The Progenitor by Teccam -- Made by the same nerd

The Last Sorcerer Queen by Elysium -- Made by some nerd's nerd girlfriend

The Order of the Lily by Elysium -- Still the nerd girlfriend

The Last Dragonborn by Ponty -- Some fuckin' aussie

The First by Ponty -- Crikey

The Skaal Crusader by Curse Never Dying and Raid -- Made by the nerd in charge (and his pal named after that brand of bug spray)

The Brute by Curse Never Dying -- Nepotism FTW

The Dreadnought by Kaiser -- I don't know this man. Kinda sketchy.

The Warden by Kaiser -- Yeah, still the sketchers guy. I mean sketchy.

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Should be a blast and Halloween is a good time for it."
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