It appears thou hast happen'd upon my humble abode, traveler. Prithee, step into my parlor.


I go by the name of Powersocke Prime, however, I have many names. Mzahngthulish, Tyrhal, Power or Prime are those most frequently used. I am a German in their mid-twenties who loves to read, write and invent crazy alphabets.

I am originally indigenous to the Warframe Fandom Wiki community where I was best known for the way I taught young Tenno the ways of our kin, giving beginner guides and creating warframe guides while simultaneously making warframe concepts I shared. At some point, not sure when, I migrated to the Elder Scrolls Fandom wiki community and soon after, created a character build of a necromancer playable, with a few mods, in TES V: Skyrim. This should be the beginning of my increasingly time consuming hobby as a fanfiction writer.

For soon after I published that build, I wrote my first ever Elder Scrolls fanfiction: The Aquila-Axilius Report. Soon, I would expand upon the concept, weaving tale after tale, publishing chapter after chapter, until the collection of stories now known as 'The Necromancer Cycle' was born. It was not long before I started to have new ideas for a different path in terms of ES fanfiction, at length giving birth to my 'Tales of Darkness'. All of this work has been first published on the Elder Scrolls Fandom wiki where there was also a kind fellow by the name of Kishaxi-Veda who is responsible for the great image in the Tales of Darkness Table of Contents and graciously gave me permission to use his fanart of my story as I see fit.

After a fellow Wikian urged me to branch out, I also began to publish my works on and DeviantArt. Then I contacted the Tel Mora Independent Press via email and got, after a time, access to their official Discord server where I also publish my stuff. And lastly, Curse was so kind as to make me aware of The Sky Forge and invite me to join the community. This is how I ended up here. 

Aside from being an avid fanfiction writer, I also have a knack for gamelangs and conlangs in general. Constructed languages fascinate me. As such, I have, over time, become an expert on the Dwemer language. Under the name of Mzahngthulish on the Imperial Library, I have made a post in which I thoroughly analyzed the language and presented my findings and conclusions. View it here.

I also concerned myself with all other TES languages and alphabets, even the Elder Script.

On a more unrelated note, I have extensive knowledge of all Warframe alphabets, the Orokin Script in particular, which I can fluently read and write.

Apart from my obvious obsession with writing and gaming, I love to read in my free time. The authors I'm currently concerning myself with include H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe and August Derleth. However, Robert E. Howard is also on the list of authors whose works I definitely will check out in the future. And I suppose it is not too far fetched to say that my very own writing has been majorly influenced by these authors. When I don't write, I tend to invent alphabets on my own, oftentimes creating some rudimentary vocabulary for them.


I also publish my tales on other sites!

My account on Fandom specifically includes character profiles for all protagonists in my stories, bestiary entries for all custom creatures in my stories, arsenal entries for all custom weaponry in my stories and witchcraft entries for all custom spells in my stories.

My accounts on Fanfiction and DeviantArt also include TES unrelated stories such as my Dora the Explorer horror fanfiction 'The Price of Discovery' as well as my Cthulhu Mythos fanfiction 'The First Witch'.

My account on Fanfiction

My account on Fandom

My account on DeviantArt


Now then, traveler. Thou hast come far. Prithee, proceed. Thou wilt now enter the domain in which my tales of terror and madness reign supreme. Dost thou dare peek into the shadows?


Right now, my tales consist of two 'paths'. There is the Necromancer Cycle and the Tales of Darkness series, both of which having their own Table of Contents. 

The Necromancer Cycle concerns itself with the various stories of different protagonists finding themselves somehow at the hands of the titular necromancer which, more often than not, results in mind shattering events to transpire. For the dark figure is on a mission to serve his god in order to bring about doom to Tamriel.

Tales of Darkness presents a different menace from the far reaches of outer worlds craving to consume Nirn. Yet again, the protagonists meet with adversaries beyond their ability to either comprehend or combat. The Blood Cult involved in this series tries to awaken their very own deity made flesh by cruel rituals and vile processions. The question remains: will anyone be able to stop this antediluvian evil? Time will tell.

All of the stories contained within these two 'paths' can be read in no particular order for they always present a closed storyline within themselves. However, all of them are still linked to one another through hints, easter eggs and subtle references, some of them devilishly difficult to spot. It's all one coherent universe that I'm building. For the future, I plan to create one more 'path' and, at length, make all of the stories come together in an epic display of chaos, called 'The End Time Chronicles'. But in due time.


And for the grand finale, the golden drop of my residence, thou shalt witness the ancient tomes of mystical knowledge. But first, I implore thee to scrutinize the Table of Contents.


View all my stories right here:

The Book of Languages

The Prime Bestiary

The Prime Arsenal

The Necromancer Cycle

Tales of Darkness

LHoN: Per Mortem Maleficarum

LHoN: The Horror From Within the Mist

LHoN: The Menace from the Woods

Skytales Event: The Stalker at the Fringe

Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XXII Savages. Slaves to unmitigated violence at the hands of their inferior wits. Nonetheless, it was rather curious that Shthelith's name should provoke such a reaction. As if he had a hand in their banishment from Aímeri society. I had just…
Dec 17, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XX Nephethys was beginning to lose the sliver of vitality she had left. The dark elf stumbled through the darkness in her undergarments and a single blade in her right. The battle with the dæmon who almost choked her to death left her weakened,…
Oct 16, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XVIII  The pillar had all but vanished into the ground. But before I could explore this newly accessible area I had to deal with the situation at hand first. A robed figure was approaching from some distance away. It clearly wasn't Nephethys. I was…
Sep 7, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XVI The least I had expected was to be attacked by an ally. Out of nowhere, the dark silhouette whirred past me with stunning speed and hid in the shadows beyond. I briefly wondered what it was, for I could tell all the things it evidently was not,…
Aug 29, 2021
Prime replied to Prime's discussion The Book of Languages - Part XII: Dark Elf Script in The Story Corner
"I've been looking all over for ES writing systems. In fact, the main criteria for a language to make it into my book is a writing system. I only included Ald-Chimeris, Aldmeris and Bosmeris because of their importance and/or complexity compared to…"
Jul 17, 2021
Prime replied to Prime's discussion The Book of Languages - Part IX: Divine Script in The Story Corner
"I thought of trying to scan it and make it a .of one day. But it's a book, and scanning books is difficult. But as soon as I'm done I'll see how well this goes. I'm actually not too far away from finishing. All that's truly left to do is Elder…"
Jul 16, 2021
Prime replied to Prime's discussion The Book of Languages - Part XII: Dark Elf Script in The Story Corner
"It's from the Origins of Cyrus! comic. The Dunmer there speak this."
Jul 16, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
Dark Elf ScriptThe Dark Elf Script as it is (or was) used by slavers in and around the region of Tear. It is not known if there exists a separate language for this script specifically or if Dunmeris/Alt-Redoranis is used. From what we know, the…
Jul 14, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XIII Nephethys awoke alone in a large, foursquare hall, somewhere deep underneath the raging waves of a foul sea. Afore transpired a most dangerous flood of the nearby caves and tunnels that separated her and Shthelith from the poor Thorus, whose…
Jun 3, 2021
Prime updated their profile
May 19, 2021
Prime replied to Chris Diokno's discussion Of Magecraft and Spidersilk Chapter 3-Ash'abahing Around in The Story Corner
"Ah, finally a new chapter! I've been looking forward to this forever.
My knack for arcane paraphernalia and magical technobabble is getting satisfied as much as my affection for spider girls. I really do have a lot of fun reading your fic. It is…"
May 1, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
DwemerisThe replicated insignia above belongs to a Dwemer lexicon, a special type of artifact constructed by the ancient Dwemer, whose language we will examine next.There is a great deal known about the taciturn metalworkers, engineers and…
Mar 17, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XI "Chdla! Ldil, md!". Those were the first words I heard the scaly monstrosity regurgitate after it had slithered towards us. I can't even begin to emphasise how hideous this foul creature from the depths truly was. A bastard of man, fish and eel…
Mar 9, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
XV If there was a thing I always had been thoroughly bad at, notwithstanding my research into planes of existence that enabled me to utterly vanish as soon as I managed to access them, it was concealment. In conversations I was usually able to hide…
Feb 23, 2021
Prime replied to Prime's discussion The Book of Languages - Part X: Dovahzul in The Story Corner
"Thanks man! Although I have to admit it's not my best work ever, I am proud of most of it."
Jan 25, 2021
Prime posted a discussion in The Story Corner
DovahzulDovahzul, the language of the ancient Dov, the Dragons. While their terrible rule was nirnwide, no single province had been influenced as much as Skyrim. There, most of the existing word walls can be found and Nords famously learned the ways…
Jan 21, 2021

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  • Should you ever get to read any of my stories you'll soon discover that this Nazeem statement is on the more tame side of what I usually come up with. Anyhow, your comment is appreciated. :D

  • That's gotta be the most gruesome answer to "do you get to the Cloud District often" that I've ever read. 

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How did you find this community?

A member of the official Tel Mora Independent Press Discord server (more specifically, Curse themselves) recommended The Sky Forge to me as a media outlet for my The Elder Scrolls fanfiction.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

TES II: Daggerfall (not far) TES III: Morrowind (not far) TES IV: Oblivion (multiple times over) TES V: Skyrim (over 1,500 hours)

What Fallout games have you played?

Fallout (not far) Fallout 2 (not too far) Fallout 3 (multiple times over) Fallout: New Vegas (a few hundred hours) Fallout 4 (a few hundred hours)

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

  1. Yes, because I have so many septims that I could cast a Nazeem statue of pure gold only to put it into the smelter again in order to see a decadent representation of Nazeem melt. After which I'll bathe him in the liquid gold for the resulting statue to have more than just a life-like appearance. But I digress.


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