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Tales of Darkness



In the remotest gulfs of outer worlds, there lurks an antediluvian evil, bent on the consummation of the known world. Its followers are clad in crimson; its slaves are otherworldly things not of Nirn, Aetherius or Oblivion. They hail from somewhere else. These beings, albeit alive, should not exist. And yet, all threaten to destroy the place all of us call home.


The Tales of Darkness series focuses mainly on the events unfolding around a particular cult of blood mages. They are no ordinary blood mages, however, and all who've come into contact with them rarely live to tell the tale. All stories contained within this collection can be read individually and are mostly connected through hints and references.


Recommended reading age: 18+


The Red Hand:



Shape Your Flesh:

Episode I:

 Chapter I

 Chapter II

Chapter III

 Chapter IV


Episode II - The Painted World of Atebid:

 Chapter I

 Chapter II

 Chapter III

 Chapter IV

 Chapter V

 Chapter VI


Episode III: The Three Seals of the Apocalypse (in progress):

Chapter I: Lost Amongst the Dead

 Chapter II: The Forlorn Castle

 Chapter III: The Horror Beyond

 Chapter IV: A Cryptic Message

Chapter V: Foul Betrayal

Chapter VI: History of the Seals

Chapter VII: Baptism by Blood

Chapter VIII: The Truth

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