The Prime Arsenal - Table of Contents

The Prime Arsenal


Ah, yes. Thou hast stepp'd into my armorie of very singular instruments of torment and destruction. This is a very special collection that I have at my disposal. Worry not, however, for I do not intend to use such cruel tools. But thou art free to try them to thy heart's content. Be wary, for a few of them might just be too much for thee to handle. Don't be shy. Prithee, open the boxes containing them and take a peek!


Welcome to my Arsenal! Here, I will collect and display all the gruesome tools of war that I have created within my tales. Each entry is going to take a closer look at the weapons involved, together with a link to the story or chapter it is related to. Enjoy.


Box I: The Cloudbreaker

Box II: The Runic Boneblade

Box III: The Fleshrender

Box IV: The Exsanguinator


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  • You have quite an imagination. I cant imagine the what goes into crafting an entire world with such depth and detail as you've done. 

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