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A Blast From the Past

While searching for a mod that I deleted long ago, it donned on me that I could look up my entire Nexus mod download history. That walk down memory lane was something else. I cringe at some of the mods I used to run. So what are some of the first mods you downloaded?

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2 Replies · Reply by Skooma Dealer May 10

Ordinator Tips and Tricks

Ordinator Tips and Tricks             Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. I'm certain a fair number of you all are using one of the most popular overhaul mods on the internet, Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion.  I've recently managed to max out my Alchemy skill tree in that mod (because Damage Magicka Regen poisons are RIDICULOUSLY expensive!!), and seeing as I had a good surplus of extra perk points I decided to experiment with some of the perks I'd never used before. One of those perks…

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3 Replies · Reply by Curse Apr 27

Top 10 Absolute necessary mods

Hey guys/girls, I wanted to start a "TOP 10" necessary mods thread. Now these are mods you tried, LOVED, and now can no longer play without on ANY character, any build 100% Of the time. For example, it wouldn't include something like USSEP as this is hands down one of the best mods ever done.  I'll start off and give you mine, feel free to share yours and maybe give a few reasons why these 10 Will never leave your Load Order, ever. 1) Wearable Lanterns- even if I don't use it as often it does…

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17 Replies · Reply by Curse Feb 2

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  • Does anyone know any good ps4 mods thanks
  • Hello
  • Does anyone have experience using the creation kit?There's a minor tweak I'd like to apply to a spell.
    • What's the tweak? In my experience TES5Edit would be superior.
    • I was hoping to give circle of protection a gradual healing effect exactly like guardian circle
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