SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion Show off your sketches in Art & Photos
"I can't find a proper scanner at the moment, so I'll make do with this phone picture.
Not really based on any particular Skyrim armors, just a decently armed and armored, tough-as-nails man at arms. "
Nov 2
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Oct 26
SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion Show off your sketches in Art & Photos
"Sketch I made for my D&D character, a Shadar-Kai rogue. This was back in the days before I convinced my DM that a two-hand sword could be feasibly used with Dexterity instead of Strength, so he was mechanically stuck with a rapier and parrying dagge…"
Oct 4
SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion What names have you given your enchanted gear?
"Silver Greatsword with fire and absorb health enchantments: Stendarr's Mercy
Ebony Warhammer with shock and frost enchantments: Shor's Fist
Dragonbone Battleaxe with chaos damage enchantment: Krendov (Dragon Breaker)"
Oct 3
SirFloopy replied to Cannon's discussion So what's the deal about dem names?
"Back in elementary school, I used to draw on all of my classwork in the margins (I still do, really). And I would frequently draw an armored knight on horseback, but I hated the way my horses looked, so soon I started drawing him on increasingly unl…"
Oct 2
SirFloopy replied to Forum Lurker's discussion 1st Person vs 3rd Person in The Story Corner
"Generally, third-person is easier to write, since it's used more widely and you don't have to limit yourself to a specific character's perspective and finite knowledge. As for "better", I do think that third-person is also easier on the reader and m…"
Sep 12
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Aug 19
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"Hello there. Wouldn't describe myself as a lurker, so much as just a person who has veeery occasionally looked at the site for build ideas or for Blackblood's armor combo thread. Unfortunately I only ever play Skyrim with the Requiem mod, so a lot o…"
Aug 10
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Aug 10
SirFloopy replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Blackblood's Armor Combo Collection (Part 3)
"The Glass Guardsman
Hjaalmarch Guard's Helmet
Glass Armor
Dawnguard Gauntlets
Thieves Guild Boots"
Aug 10
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How did you find this community?

Found the compilation of armor combo pictures while thinking up ways to make an interesting look for my characters.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?


What Fallout games have you played?


Do you get to the Cloud District often?

What are you saying? Of course I don't.


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