SirFloopy commented on SirFloopy's video
"Funny you should say that, actually. I make use of a lot of Mass Effect tracks throughout the series, but not in this particular episode. It's definitely one of my all-time favorite soundtracks, so if I can find an excuse to use Mass Effect music wh…"
Jun 2
SirFloopy replied to Chris Diokno's discussion Video Game Twists and Reveals, what are your favorites?
"Talking to Nazara (Sovereign) in the first Mass Effect game is probably still my favorite. The mission seems to be going well up until that point, then the scope is suddenly increased, and all the world-building up to that point takes a very dark tu…"
May 19
SirFloopy posted a discussion in Modding
Aight homies, so I've been wanting to start a Requiem discussion for some time now, but I didn't really want to make an in-depth guide or anything, because that's more work than I really want to do. However, I thought it might be helpful if I compil…
May 19
SirFloopy posted a video
Harald Fireheart, a magically-armored Nord warrior who's never found a sword too long for him, continues his adventures in the unforgiving world of Skyrim Requiem, dropping foes and breaking bows with his mighty blade. This episode sees him explore…
Apr 8
SirFloopy posted videos
Apr 3
SirFloopy replied to Arkhalis's discussion Pc Perk Overhauls
"Requiem is essentially an entirely new game. If you try to shoehorn in all the other gameplay mods you use, or disregard Requiem's own compatibility warnings, the experience will suffer. Requiem does change the game a whole lot, far more than Ordina…"
Mar 13
SirFloopy replied to Arkhalis's discussion Pc Perk Overhauls
"If you want to take a deep dive, I can always recommend Requiem. Though it's really more of a complete game overhaul, with the perk overhaul only being part of it."
Mar 8
SirFloopy replied to Marook's discussion Do you Murderhobo?
"Killing things and taking stuff without any motivation to do so seems like very lazy role-playing, to be honest, and not something I'd be inclined to. Starting out, I generally get into fights only because there's a bounty or other quest to clear ou…"
Mar 8
SirFloopy replied to Telby's discussion If you were an NPC
"Honestly, I'd probably be quite happy as a laborer. Woodcutter, farmer, hunter, fisher, those all seem like lives I could enjoy. Or maybe learn a trade like smithing, alchemy, making mead, who knows. But definitely not adventuring or joining any kin…"
Mar 8
SirFloopy replied to TwistedApollo's discussion Poll: What is your favorite playstyle?
"Melee or non-stealth archery with support magic. So not much focus on magic that damages enemies, but stuff like mage armor, cloak spells, healing, etc. Two-hander light armor is my favorite melee setup, with One-hander shield heavy armor close behi…"
Jan 10
SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion How often do you Fast Travel
"I'd honestly forgotten that it was a thing until this post reminded me. I think Requiem disables it, so that the only "fast" travel available is carriages, which you have to actually pay a bit for, and only go to hub locations. That way you don't ju…"
Jan 9
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Dec 30, 2019
SirFloopy replied to Kendrix Trixie's discussion What canon event(s) in Skyrim would you change?
"The Civil War and the stalemate negotiation that comes during the main quest. The whole thing should make a very compelling backdrop for the story, but the wartime atmosphere isn't really there, and the war has little effect on the rest of the game…"
Dec 24, 2019
SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion What is your favorite race and why?
"Imperial, with Nord and Redguard being a tie for close second.
I could never connect with Mer, Khajiit, or Argonians very well, just because I find it hard to get into a non-human mindset. But Imperials, Redguards, and Nords all have good stats for…"
Dec 22, 2019
SirFloopy posted videos
Dec 22, 2019
SirFloopy replied to Curse's discussion Show off your sketches in Art & Photos
"I can't find a proper scanner at the moment, so I'll make do with this phone picture.
Not really based on any particular Skyrim armors, just a decently armed and armored, tough-as-nails man at arms. "
Nov 2, 2019

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