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  • Well, for me if it isn't lore friendly (or at the very least "lore passable") that is an immediate nope. 

    Otherwise I am pretty open, although I tend to prefer modded over vanilla. 

    • A valid point. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no genius when it comes to elder scrolls lore. I probably butcher it with just about every build I post. 

      • From what I've seen you don't exactly butcher it. There are some points that may be a bit off, but those I can handle.

        My problem comes when people either totally misunderstand or don't know anything about the lore, or else they choose to totally ignore it and make some rediculous sounding character that does not fit into the ES universe at all. 

        • I once read a build where the author wrote that the Legion was behind the great collapse of Winterhold. And I was like wha?

          Most of my work are inspired by other games. If I had to guess what you feel is my largest leap away from established lore it would be the force Adept. I mean she effectively fights using space magic. 

          • That's what I had in mind, yeah. But see, you didn't break any historical lore or anything, so it's still sort of  . . .  plausible? I guess. Again that sort of thing I can handle. It's when people go nuts with stuff that feels incredibly out of place in the ES universe that I can't deal with. 

            • Unless you go Kirkbride lore, then um....yeah

              • The Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion is a spaceship from the 9th era and there's nothing you can do about it.

                • And Pelinal (Who was apparently inspired by the Terminator...now I can't hear every line of his except in Ahnold's voice.) is a cyborg from the future. Which makes some sense, as Steel Plate, his armor, wasn't invented at th time, or at least uncraftable except by the Dwemer

            • Wait force magic isn’t actually a thing in elder scrolls?

              • Nah it’s made up. I even planned to expand on the concept of force magic eventually. 

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