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Character Build Turn Ons :)

Hot off the heels of (not really) of the popular CB Turn-Offs discussion its Character Build Turn ons!

What I want to know this time is what features in a build just make you wanna drop everything and play it. What attracts you most to a build and who do you think does ithat one thing best?


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  • Making the character interesting, and if its well put together, people like Elysium do this amazingly

  • Well personally when it comes to actually playing builds I generally perfer a modded setup, but that's not what takes priority for me.

    The most important thing for me is that the perks flow together into a neat combat style that works well and is well thought-out. I've read so many builds with a solid concept but no real substance behind them. But when I see a build with real and unique gameplay mechanics that's not just another stealth archer with a new backstory, that's enough to get excited about.

    Speaking of combat style, the more thorough the description of playstyle and roleplaying, the better. If I've got a thorough idea of what the builder had in mind when creating the character, I have a solid foundation from which to build my own roleplaying choices, slight combat style differences, etc. 

    Addtionally, build with a well done visual presentation and a backstory that uses interesting writing techniques that keep me engaged are another big thing I look for. I tend to like backstories that tie into canon lore, but at the same time build off of it and are not afraid to venture into unexplored territory, so long as it doesn't contradict any other canon lore. 

    In summary, the best builders are those that can transfer a thorough concept of what they had in mind when conceptualizing it to their build, connecting brain to pen and pen to paper (or brain to hands and hands to keyboard, in this case).

  • One of the most important aspects of a build for me is the presentation. If a build is not visually appealing, it becomes very hard to read. I usually quickly scroll through a build giving it a glance to get an idea of the layout before giving the build a thorough read. If the ideas are choppy and not well organized then it becomes difficult to process. In addition, walls of text and lack of pictures give me the impression of reading some type of essay which is a major turn off so, on that note, good presentation is a major turn on for me.

    • Yup; have to agree with this. 


      • I second that motion.

        Or third I guess

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Aysleph. I love a build that has good presentation. The biggest thing to me however is the mechanics. Does the character have a defined style? Each build should have something that makes it stand out from the rest. Backstory/lore don't really matter much to me. They're just icing on the cake if they work out. To me, it's all about solid gameplay and excellent presentation. 

    • You and I think a lot alike.

    • See, I'd tend to disagree that backstory doesn't matter. To me the backstory is just as much part of a well-rounded character as the gameplay. Not to say that the gameplay is unimportant or anything, but certainl a backstory contributes to roleplaying in a huge way. If you don't have a good backstory, and a solid motivation for the character, playing that character becomes very boring very quickly. 

      Now of course if it's all lore and no substance, it's trash. All I'm saying is that I think you and Curse have sorta undervalued the lore/backstory here, but that's just my opinion. 

      • It's just a matter of opinion really. I never read the backstory because I don't care. If I wanted backstory I'd read a blog. I want to see the substance. But again, that's just me. I acknowledge that a lot of people care about lore etc and do my best to include it for them. 

      • Oh don’t get me wrong. I do care about the backstory for the same reasons you do. I just also agree with Kaiser about how important good mechanics are in a build. Too often I’ve read builds with great backstory but lackluster mechanics. 

        The way I see it, a good build will at the very least employ some clever mechanics. I can make due with a build that at least has that going for it.

        An excellent build, however, not only has great mechanics but a great backstory that that ties it all together. On that you and I very much agree.

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