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Magic in sneak builds

Hello! I'm currently playing a gray cowl inspired build, which is 100% sneak with ocasional one-handed attack when necessary. He's the master of the thieves guild and didn't touch the main quest yet. But I would like to join the College and try some fun spell mods I downloaded on Nexus recently...

How could a 100% sneak character use magic in a lore-friendly way? I know the easy answer is illusion school, but I think calm and frenzy spells are so dumb and repetitive :/ 

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  • Heyya! Stealth Mage is one of my favorite play-styles and a lot of spells are actually really fun when combined with Sneaking! Illusion is probably the most well-known one but it is mostly required to actually get the Quite Casting perk.

    For instance, Illusion combined with Conjuration (with 2/2 Summoner perk) is a deadly combo. Not only can you make the enemies attack each other with Frenzy spell from a safe distance, other spells like CourageRally, and Call to Arms can also boost your minions once the Master of the Mind perk has been taken (since most conjured minions are undead and daedras) and the bonuses all stack! Just sit back and enjoy the show as your minions wreak havoc on the battlefield while the enemies are fighting each other.

    Another example is the amazing synergy between the Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration. Destruction skill allows you to cast rune spells from far away with the perk Rune Master (2/2) and truly makes you like an espionage spy when combined with Sneaking skill. Destruction itself harbors plenty of rune spells but Alteration has the best crowd control-spells; Paralysis Rune and Ash Rune.

    Restoration refuses to lose by its devastatig Poison Rune. While the spell doesn't do much, the damage of each casted Poison Rune also stacks! When combined with Ignite spell, the DOT (Damage Over Time) of multiple Poison Runes and Ignites will consume your enemy's life forces like crazy! and the perk Aspect of Terror from the Illusion skill tree slightly boosts your fire damage.

    Those are some examples to showcase just how fun stealth mage is even on vanilla. And it gets insanely broken when you use mods like Deadly Destruction (which gives 3X Sneak Bonus attack from stealthy Destruction spells) and Ordinator with its Demolition Job perk (All Destruction spells and scrolls are 1% more powerful per level of Sneak if the target is not detecting the caster (2% for rune spells))...

    • At first, thank you so much for the very detailed answer!!! I'll definitely give it a try this weekend.

      I like the idea of casting runes from a distance, it's a very strategy-like build. The Demolition Job perk makes it even easier. Maybe an ice rune is a nice way to start. I think something like: casting one or more ice runes from a distance, then casting a paralize spell or summoning a atronach, then sneak whitout fighting. Sounds interesting..


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