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Poll: Multiplayer Skyrim

So it looks like the long awaited multiplayer Skyrim mod is getting closer and closer to release. Despite some recent controversies, it might not be long before the possibility of exploring Skyrim with friends becomes a reality. 
Is playing Skyrim with friends or strangers something that appeals to you? And if you're someone who would continue to play solo, why is that?
How do you think this mod could change things for The Sky Forge? Will character builds become party builds? Will role play collaberations become more common? What other possibilities do you see opening up? 

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  • Peronally, I play solo, but I am excited to see it being used for content creation. It has a major possiblity to increase skyrim's popularity by a lot.

    • Same but I agree. Hell this could also allow us to adventure with, say, friends, or fellow Forge members

  • The possibility of it is interesting, but part of me doesn't want to deal with all the complications that could come up as a result. If it is proven to work with at least 90% reliability then I will give it a try. 

    • I’m with Pixel on this one. It’s hard enough getting single player Skyrim to work, I can’t imagine the glitches that will arise from multiplayer Skyrim. 

      But if it does work the possibilities are endless. Imagine co-op character builds with co dependent synergy. Imagine tackling massive bosses with a friend? Really I can’t wait to see this mod up and running, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. 

      • It'd be utterly awesome for sure, but I just am very hesitant to get my hopes up for it working as you said.

  • Theoretically, how many players could one multiplayer game support?


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