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Potential collaborator

Hey folks,


So I really love what you guys do and have been trying to emulate it myself with my own builds and immersive RP. I'd like to work towards sharing my builds on the site, but alas I do not have a working computer (my 15 year old one is used for emergencies lol). Is there anyone who is kind enough and has the time that will be willing to collaborate with me in setting up a build to post? I can, more or less, format it to the site's guidelines. I'll just need someone to help with fancy pictures, possible edits, and the like.

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  • I think we can help you out. You can use the WIP Build section of the Skyrim Character Build group ( link down below) to post the text of your build. Don’t worry how messy it is, we can take it from there and handle the formatting and pictures. 


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  • That would be awesome. I have a few builds I want to put up so ill start writing them out shortly. Should I find the pictures myself??

    • You can and we’re more than willing to help you find good pictures.

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