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What do you think about skyrims wife and kids?

Something no one ever talks about are the wives and kids that you can have. if you play only vanilla they're boring but if you play modded then they can be some fun. but I never really saw them useful other than small perks. some quick cash and a store. am I missing something? (I'm one of those people who married the merchants' daughter that the 2 men in the first town were fighting about.)

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  • Not really the daughter but is the sister. For me though, I am a switch player so I cant modd the game so as a result, I wait like 2-3 year in game time before marrying anyone and more importantly, the person I marry has to be a follower. Kids come in the same amount of time. The question is, what the hell I do to pass the time in game? Well I roleplay the hell out of the game. Its a good thing I have a job or I might have gone crazy longtime ago. lol

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