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Hello everyone! It has been some time since the Back to Basics Contest and Curse announces the next contest on August 1st. In the meantime, I invite my fellow Skyrim fans to participate in the Supporting Characters Mini Event!

I'll start by discussing the theme. What is a support character in Skyrim? A support character is one that instead of fighting head on with their enemies, will use their powers to sustain and aid others in battle. Think of a healer class from any RPG, and that is the general concept we are going for. However, Skyrim offers numerous ways to play a successful and varied support build. To offer inspiration, I will list some techniques that fall under the support class:

Utilizing followers (people, summons, animals), Healing/Buffing followers through spells or crafting, Crowd Control (Illusion/Poisons)

The Ordinator mod allows for various additions to gameplay, such as playing instruments to force enemies to dance spellbound, or Conjuration abilities to raise skeletons and command rats. If you feel the theme of support builds is constrained, I inspire you to be creative and carry that creative uniqueness through your build.

"What's the deadline?"......... Since Curse gave August 1st as the start of the next contest, I believe we can all agree that any day before August 1st is preferred, but given this is a friendly event, with no judges or cash prizes, the deadline has no real consequence for missing it.


If you would like to participate, please let me know in the comments and I will add you to a list so we know who's involved!





Chris D





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  • I will see what I can do for this event.

    • Looking forward to it!

  • Nice work Telby, sign me up fam

    • You got it brother

  • hello could you sign me too please thanks


  • Sign me up! By the way is it required to use Ordinator?

    • Nope, use any mods you like or don't, entirely up to you.

  • Have a build in mind for this. Sign me up. Thanks.

    • Say less

  • Will there be links to the builds here, soon?   Apologies for my impatience ;)

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