Character Build : Tara the tamer



Imagine if Princess Jasmine from the Arabian Nights tale “Aladdin” had known a past at least as dark as the eponymous hero of said tale, that their respective roles were, so to speak, reversed, and you get Tara!




Tara is a beautiful and attractive desert woman who worked for a long time as an animal tamer in a circus in Hammerfell. She was renowned both for her great beauty and for her animal magnetism which seemed magical.

Unfortunately, under the beautiful appearances was hiding a bruised young woman. She was regularly raped by the tenants of the circus and exhibited like common cattle during her presentations during which she had to dance naked when the animals were exhausted.

His uniqueness was his love for these creatures and his ability to communicate with them. Her role was simple: she had to bring back wild beasts from the desert of alik'r using her innate abilities, but found herself forced by her boss to mistreat them into performing "exceptional" deeds, according to her.

But one day Tara rebelled and started running away, then, stealing and disobeying her superiors, she failed until one day she turned her tool of animal abuse against them. The whip had become her weapon of choice against the oppressors and she wielded it well, so it was spectacular. She killed them all without exception, freed the captive animals and burned down the circus in order to gain her independence and live on petty thefts in the company of her faithful Smilodon: Raja.

One day, she learned that women were being persecuted by Alik'r warriors and were hunting to Skyrim, where they found refuge to commit acts of treason they had not committed: selling Hammerfell to the Aldmeri Dominion!

Tara sees this as an opportunity to take her life into her own hands and work for the good of the underdog across Tamriel. So she goes to Bordeciel to meet the hunted young women and thus discover an extraordinary destiny!

When the fiery and intoxicating charm of the desert collides with the icy and hostile climate of Skyrim, it can only make sparks!


Gameplay and roleplay


You are a benefactor, but an outlaw in the eyes of the authorities of Hammerfell and an object of covetousness in the eyes of men in general. Your weapons of choice are: your sharp tongue, both to seduce the fauna and to put the slavering phallocrats in their place, your whip to kick their buttocks and your animals to devour them!

Your strategy is quite simple on the ground thanks to the mods mentioned below and on which we will focus.

Tara is a warrior, stalker and support character all rolled into one!
Besides her skill in wielding the whip, she will also have to rely on spells

The illusion will be essential to him to calm animals and reflect his sense of manipulation and seduction with humans. The appeasement spells will be used to approach animals, courage to boost their aggressiveness in combat, discord spells such as frenzy will be used to turn your humanoid enemies against each other.

The healing will serve her to keep her beastly companions healthy as well as herself in the heat of battle. No barrier spells, no anti undead magic. You are neither a learned magician nor a paladin!

Stealth can be useful for you to assess the terrain and possibly make your animals take aggro depending on how you have configured their personality. One of the mods we are going to look at allows this.

AND finally, the enchantment will make up for your lack of magic defense and replenish your mana!


Mods to use:


- Essential prerequisite for the technicality of the fights and the compatibility of the adequate animations for your weapon

- Install the "Whip and Rapier" version using the fomod

- An RP outfit for CBBE 3BA users

- To access your favorite weapon: the whip!

- To access the "beastmaster" perk of the eloquence branch

- To manage your friends

- In addition to this

- And

- And finally, to benefit from your starting companions, controllable thanks to the mods above!




Perks to use



- One Handed (For the Whip of Animated Armoury)

- Light Armor (Your self and seductive defense :p ) 

- Speech (Your tongue for persuade humans & animals)



- Illusion




Tertiary and optionnal

- Sneak


Essential features:

Race: Redguard (obviously)


Standing stone: The lover


Distribution of talent points: Magic : 2 | Health: 1 | Stamina : 2


Equipment: Whip, arabian belly dancer outfits for CBBE 3BA (see the mods section)


Essential character traits:


- animal lover
- Misandre
- Feminist
- Seductress
- Ideologue


Alignment :


- Loyal/neutral (at start)


- Loyal/good (at the end)



Other features:


The bare minimum for her character is not to act like a bloodthirsty murderer. You are a feminist and it can be understood, you fear men and love animals given your respective liabilities with these two entities.

However, you will not join the Dark Brotherhood, nor the Thieves Guild. I also advise against joining any faction!

Do quests a minimum fitting with your nature. Hircine could possibly please you... The Vermidor quest may also be relevant...

The main quest is doable with this character but not essential

There are mods that add female sex slaves to deliver in Skyrim such as immersive wench for example or some mods reserved for adults that I can't talk about here that disseminate female slaves to deliver!


There is also another type of mod that I didn't tell you about because it remains optional and will depend on the end-game RP you choose: 
Mods that allow you to become Jarl and possibly achieve the completion of your destiny through the prism of access to power!Thus,
like Aladdin, you would become a loving and lenient political figure towards his people by being part of the lowlands!It's an idea like any other...





Ending words


In case you want more :


It's a free roaming build, I gave you the keys to becoming Tara, you can decide what will become of her and refine the build with other mods of your choice!


My goal is to offer you an attractive and original PR thanks to a solid backstory, not to put you on track!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!


Share your opinions with me by commenting!


See you soon !


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  • Digging the Feminsim aspect!

    • How ?


      What do you reproach to my treatment of this aspect?

      • I quite enjoy it. I've only seen few Skyrim builds that focus on the aspect of woman inequality, power dominance, etc. so that's a plus for me. Tho, to be blunt, there are some elements that I'd like to address (plz understand that I'm not trying to be a dick here, this is just the way I share my thoughts).

        Perhaps this is just a difference in a personal preference, but I found the RP is too general for a character with a name and a strong backstory.

        The first roleplay mentioned that Tara's seen as an object in the eyes of men in general. Since some of the vocabularies and phrases blatantly imply men's cruelty (e.g., "rape", "exhibited like common cattle", "dance naked", and "exceptional deeds"), and Tara also killed all of the circus men without exception and burnt down the whole place to get that freedom, I initially thought that the roleplay will be a rather cruel femme fatale type heroine.

        However, I found it contrasting with the next additional roleplay which I quote "The bare minimum for her character is not to act like a bloodthirsty murderer". So, is she eventually going on a path of redemption while upholding the feminism aspect?

        Without really exploring her trauma and how she should approach this, it kinda makes for a one-sided justification, more so since the themes of slavery and gender inequality are minor ones in Skyrim.

        Yes, we see slavery, but they are mostly for Argonians in Windhelm and some native reachmen in Markarth. Yes, we see some gender inequality, but we also have tons of strong and capable female chars sitting on a high and influential position.

        The question that came to my mind is how do you solve the patriarchal element that Tara encounters in her journey? Such as with the case of Ahlam and her husband Nazeem. Even for such a minor roleplay, it still relates with the build theme (and we only get very few elements like this regarding gender in power dominance). The only answer I can think of is either killing Nazeem or becoming the Jarl (which will require the mod).

        Another is her duty to whip the slavering phallocrats' asses which is almost not viable, again, without installing the mod. The additional roleplay also states that it is not recommended to join any faction, and instead pursue Hircine's blessing which I personally thought it kinda drives the build to a seclusion one; an escapism rather than a feminism.

        So in terms of actually upholding the theme of the build, the feminism aspect serve more as a minor roleplay element. I understand that this is to give the reader more freedom, but again, with a character which I feel should revolve around a strong roleplay, it ended up more as a generalization.

        • No digging is slang for like, it's awesome or the like
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