Character Build: The Beggar Prince


Description:A cunning thief with a greedy mind, He uses his skill with one-handed weapons and illusion to take care of unwanted obstacles, making guards corrupt with his honeyed words, schemeing common merchants to buy a perfectly ordinary mug for 1500 gold just because he convinced them it was made by dwarven enginners.

Recommended Race:Dark Elf, for their skill in magic and combat.

Standing Stone:Thief(Level 1 to End-Game).

Stats:3 Magicka, 2 Health.

Backstory:The beggar prince was born in the imperial city, born on the streets he was poor and begged and begged until he learned the ways of pickpocket and speechcraft, He left the imperial city and then went on to disguise himself as a poor beggar on the streets of
cheydinhal until he encountered a begger on the streets of bravil, he couldn't stand the stench of the beggar so he asked the begger it's name.
The beggar said my name is Namira, He was baffled by the name and asked namira if he could be her apprentice, namira said no but he still begged.
He begged for endless days and nights until he was granted apprenticeship under namira, namira gave him the power of pity, so that anyone would toss a coin at the poor sod just by looking at him. Another power namira gave him was the power of disregard, Which he used to hide in the shadows and steal coin from the pocket of both mer and men. He left cyrodil to be in skyrim and continue his thievery and schemes there.

Roleplaying:The Beggar Prince is cunning and doesn't trust other people.

Major Skills:Speech,Pickpocketing,Lockpicking,Sneak.

Minor Skills:One-Handed,Light Armor,Illusion.

Faction:Thieves Guild.



Pickpocketing:Light Fingers(1-5),Night Thief,Cutpurse,Misdirection,Perfect Touch

Speech:Haggling(1-5),Bribery,Persuasion,Merchant,Investor(For fence),Fence.

Lockpicking:Novice Locks,Apprentice Locks,Quick Hands,Adept Locks,Golden Touch,Expert Locks,Master Locks.

Sneak:Stealth(1-5),Muffled Movement,Backstab,Light Foot(Just get this for other perks.),Silent Roll,Silence,Shadow Warrior.

Light Armor:Agile Defender(1-5),Custom Fit,Unhindered.

Illusion:Novice Illusion,Apprentice Illusion,Adept Illusion,Expert Illusion.

Gear:Ragged Robes(30% Fortify Pickpocketing),Ragged Trousers(50% Fortify Sneak),Footwraps(Forti,Steel Daggers,Thieves Guild Armor Set,Iron Ring(Enchanted with Fortify Sneak)

Enchantments:Fortify Pickpocketing(Ragged Robes),Fortify Sneak(Ragged Trousers).

Gameplay:This is the part i had the most fun creating, so you combine these sneak perks and pickpocketing perks:Muffled Movement,Silent Roll,Light Fingers,Night Thief,Cut Purse. You can get a large amount of gold in a matter of minutes.
Using the one-handed perks combined with the sneak is perfect for taking out nuisances like bandits. Now i'm to going to present you with a combat situation, The Beggar Prince encounters a fort full of forsworn. He cautiously approaches them, using the invisibility spell.
Takes out one but the others get alerted he uses the invisibility spell again to hide in the shadows and proceeds to rapidly take out four forsworn.
He ran out of magicka and was confronted with a orc forsworn armed with a steel battleaxe, he dodge the power attack from the orc and then used the shadow warrior perk to escape outside. He entered the fort again, and proceeded to kill the orc.

Mods:Become A Beggar:

Spells:Invisbility(Used for special ability).

Special Abilites:The Power Of Disregard:Use invisbility combined with the sneak and pickpocket perks:Muffled Movement,Light Fingers,Stealth,Silent Roll,Silence,Shadow Warrior. With the spell Invisbility and these perks combined can give you the ability to take out a fort of bandits without them knowing you are there.

End Game Level(After all the perks are taken):Level 95  or what i got Level 75.

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  • I assume we can do away with the old version of this build? No sense having duplicate discussions. 

    This version is definitely an improvement over the last with the inclusion of gameplay mechanics. So good job on that.

    A picture or two would help improve presentation.

    It would also help to include how many levels of perks like armsman, sneak, and agile defender you took. Also include the total level your build once all perks are take . 

    For enchantments you should list what enchantment is being paired with what enchantment. Example boots -> muffle enchantment. 

    EDIT; It looks like you went ahead and deleted the old discussion already, which I guess is fine. For future reference you can edit existing discussions you've started anytime you want. 

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