Character Build: The Champion of Dawn


The Champion is a great swordsman who excels with the use of a sword and a shield, he adapts the Imperial Legionnaire style of sword and shield combat. He is also a very religious person who worships the Eight Divines and a believer of Talos once, but stopped due to the Empire banning his worship. He can do some Restoration spells thanks to his time with the Falkreath’s priest of Arkay where he spends his time to give aid when he was a child.

Despite of being a Nord, the Champion is not a boastful individual but somehow a very humble one than most of the typical prideful Nords. He has a tendency of being a peace-loving person and appreciates nature because of him being surrounded with forest and woodlands since childhood. He does not care about much what people thinks about him but when his friends or loved ones got involve on some way, he can be rather protective. He is genuine kind of a man who has noble heart despite of the crisis happening in Skyrim.



Born in Falkreath, he was a distant relative of the Jarl’s family. He prefers the carefree and adventurous life of an adventurer and due to his great potential in swordsmanship, he traveled to the Imperial City in Cyrodiil to enlist and train as an Imperial soldier. After completing his training, some years came and he decided to serve as a Housecarl in the Jarl of Falkreath’s court thinking that his hometown needs more able warriors like him.

But due to some unexpected turn of events, without him knowing there was a civil war going on in his homeland Skyrim, between the Empire itself and the rebels that called themselves Stormcloaks. He got caught between the conflict of the two factions when crossing border and thus his tale begun.


Character Info:


Name: Geordan Auroran

Class: Holy Vanguard-Knight

Race: Nord 

Level: 51

Spells: Fast Healing, Close Wounds, Sun Fire, Vampire's Bane and Stenvarr's Aura

Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Drain Vitality (optional: Dragon Aspect, Dragonrend, Call Dragon)




Stat Distribution(M/H/S): 1-2-1

-The Champion relies on his sturdy constitution so boosting Health is the major priority and since he also do Restoration spells when against Undead or just to heal others or himself, the distribution for Magicka and Stamina is pretty much the same and you don't need to worry about the carrying capacity because of the effect of the Steed Stone.

Skills / Perks:

The following skills and perks are arranged according to their priority and since most of the priotize skills are combat, it is advisable to have the Warrior Stone first until proceeding to other non-combat skills.

Standing Stones: After escaping Helgen, the Geordan was drawn to the Warrior Stone. This will be the initial stone typical to all warrior builds. I suggest keeping this until maxing out the Smithing tree for a quick grind on getting the Dragonbone Sword and making all your gear to Legendary. The post-standing stones which makes this character formidable is not only one but TWO. The Lord Stone and the Steed Stone, why both? Because you will be including a unique gear to make that work. 



One-handed – Armsman 5 / Fighting Stance / Bladesman 3 / Critical Charge / Savage Strike

Blocking – Shield Wall 3 / Quick Reflexes / Power Bash / Deadly Bash

Heavy Armor – Juggernaut 5 / Fist of Steel / Cushioned / Conditioning

Smithing – All perks


Enchanting – Enchanter 3 / Soul Squeezer / Soul Siphon / Insightful Enchanter / Corpus Enchanter

Restoration – Expert Restoration / Regeneration / Recovery 2 / Respite / Necromage





Imperial Heavy Armor set for Armor and Imperial Sword / Steel Sword (or anything you prefer)

<<Late Game>>

Dawnguard Set (except the Helm)

Armor = Fortify Heavy Armor or Fortify Health (30 or above)

-I prefer the Forty Heavy Armor on the chest piece because of the difference it can make to damage reduction (In my own experience). Weaker enemies ain't leaving any scratch on me, like the small creatures and some weaker bandits and it's also decent against Dragons and other late-game enemies.

Gauntlets = Fortify One-hand

-The enchantments strength should be high as possible if you don't want to put the same enchantment on other gear. A 30% or above level is decent enough to carve enemies from mid game up to level 30-ish, the weapon will do the rest of the work.

Boots = Fortify One-hand or Stamina (30 or above)

-If you prefer a more damage output, it's better to enchant the boots with a Fortify One-hand as well but to exercise  a well-rounded stats, I mostly enchant the boots with a Fortify Stamina since this character heavily relies on power attacks and shield blocking and bashing.

Necklace = Fortify Health or Magicka or Stamina (30 or above)

Ring = Fortify Health or Magicka or Stamina (30 or above)

(Optional) Bond of Matrimony = Restoration spell cost -10% 

-The accessory slot for this character is reserved for stats boost. In my build, I used Health boost on the necklace while Stamina boost on the ring but because of the mana deficiency for casting strong Restoration spells like Stenvarr's Aura, I rely on the Bond of Matrimony's effect and this is only possible if you prefer to be wed on someone, it's entirely up to you.


Essential Part of the Set


Aetherial Crown - "As the Champion venture the lost dwemer ruins of Arkngthamz in search of a long lost artifact known as the Aetherium Shard, he discovered a long forgotten dwemer machination that will set him to the path of enlightenment... or his doom.."

Headpiece = Aetherial Crown – inside is the Steed Stone or Lord Stone, but preferably the Steed Stone should be the one in the crown because even though it's not stat wise, the effect of this stone gives your heavy armor-clad character some good mobility and additional carrying capacity. During my playthrough, I'm really struggling on the heaviness of the armors and it really eats off my carrying capacity as well thats why I took a liking on this standing stone ever since.



Dawnblade - "Made from the bones of the dragons that was slayed by the Champion, the proof of his valor and strenght against the terror of the skies tempered by their flames. It is also imbued with the power to banish all manner of the undead and send them back to whence they came.... the Oblivion.."

Dragonbone Sword – the post-game killer, renamed it as “Dawnblade” and enchanted it with the Fiery Soul Trap Enchantment. Acquiring this weapon will be a real hassle but definitely worth it. Maxing out the Smithing skill is a must to acquire this sword early while the enchantment can be disenchanted to a Steel Battleaxe that is located on Ironbind Barrow. Despite of being a Conjuration-based enchantment, this can also deal fire damage and traps defeated enemies souls which makes a very effective undead-killing weapon as well. 


Dawn's Cross - "The shield of a fallen protector, the Champion held on to it and tempered it with his strength... A symbol of bravery against undefiable odds..."

Pale Guard’s Shield – took this for the aesthetic cross symbol of the Dawnstar hold and renamed it as “Dawn’s Cross” with a Fortify Block Enchantment. It's a bit bland but when first saw the symbol of the Pale hold, I'm literally fell in love to it. What do you expect? Since it's from DAWNstar I'll take it. Acquiring this is pretty much easy but since the Champion is a good character, you can just loot a dead Pale Hold Guard during a Dragon or Vampire attack.


Dawnbreaker – the signature weapon for Undead enemies. Extremely useful in the Dawnguard questline so be sure to grab this before or during the quests. The only downside of this is that, it doesn't benefit on any Smithing perks that's why it falls short during mid to post-game and you can't upgrade it anymore past flawless without a 100 Smithing skills.

Auriel Shield – choice for a more “Holy” look and the unique enchantment for bashing which makes it more deadly when using the Deadly Bash perk. This is a decent shield and it can also be acquired in the Dawnguard questline.



Imperial Legion


"The Champion is a true citezen of  the Empire. Despite being a Nord, he is fully aware that the Skyrim  is the Empire itself and will do everything to protect. He never believes on the saying "Skyrim belongs to the Nord!" because for him, Skyrim is home for those who are willing to fight for their home and protect those whom they cherished. A united Empire has been the only one thing that can withstand these hard times..."

– Complete the civil war in the Empire’s side and stop Ulfric on his mad attempt of making Skyrim free from Imperial-control. The Champion believed ever since that Skyrim is one of the empire’s greatest protectors and a part of the Empire itself. A united Empire is what Skyrim and Tamriel needs against the real threat that threatens it.... the Thalmor.



"Stenvarr's Aura, the gift from the Dawnguard added to the Champion's arsenal against his foes, especially the undeads and vampires. Bathed on Stendarr's light, protecting and aiding the caster from forces of the Oblivion and burning them until they cease to exist."

– After helping reunifying Skyrim, the Champion then joined the order of the Dawnguards to help stop the vampire threat that Skyrim faces night falls. This will be the events that will turn Geordan into the Champion of Dawn and realizing his true potential on stopping the chaos that ensues Skyrim. Serana is also a very good follower for this character and she can deal excellent damage and a very good long-range support if the Champion is surrounded or being targeted by long-ranged enemies.

Optional: Companions, College of Magi, and Bards College

NEVER in Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood since the alignment of this character is obviously GOOD. The Champion doesn't kill or attack people without any second thoughts. He has a high moral standard that makes him the kind of person who do not steal or intimidate someone. He is a good lisntener and he is glad to lend a hand to those who seeks or needs his help.


Roleplay: The Reluctant Champion

Typical good-natured knight. He does bounty quest when visiting every city, towns or inns he comes by. He also assist varying people in every settlement  in Skyrim even how small or big the problem is. He also do farming work due to him being born in Falkreath where farming and hunting is their primary source of livestock. After aiding the Empire reuniting Skyrim, he became Thane of his hometown Falkreath and then bought a land to build the Lakeview Manor as his new home just outside of the town. He is a typical do-gooder that will help anyone who is oppressed or in need of aid. It is also preferable that he is to be a Thane to all Imperial controlled cities like in Solitude, Dawnstar, Morthal and escpecially Falkreath.

In Daedric quests, out of all the Daedric princes, Meridia and Azura are the only ones he consider helping because for him, they don't possess any kind of ill-intent or even any negative influence to him. He is fond on how Azura is like a caring mother to all Dunmers and he is grateful to Meridia's unexpected aid despite of the daedric prince being a commanding individual. It is recommended after finishing the main questline in Whiterun after Dragon Rising, the Champion must join the Imperial Legion and complete it's questline, he can also do other Miscellaneous quests during that time.

The Champion will not involve himself to any task that requires doing low moral actions such a stealing, and killing defenseless people (Notably the quest that starts the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questline). After doing the main quest you can also proceed to Solstheim to stop Miraak and save Raven Rock, be aggressive when talking Hermaeus Mora and always reject being his new puppet. All and all you must not do any kind of crime that will yield bounty to yourself, be always helpful to those in need and be the bringer of hope in Skyrim in these desperate times.



I made this character to be a typical bruiser type of combat style, deal decent damage up close and be durable enough to fight waves of enemies in the frontlines. This build is pretty much a one-man army but still has it's weakness especially to long-ranged mages.

Children of the North

Ice spells can really be a pain especially the Ice Storm and Icy Spear since they deal massive damage and slows you down as you approach them. Thanks to the racial benefit of Nords being 50% more resistant to Ice that can be neutralized somehow. To quickly dispatch enemies mages or other long-ranged is to either rush them with Critical Charge to one-shot them in an instant or carefully approach them as you evade their projectiles and stagger them with a Shield Bash and finish them off.

Imperial Legionnaire's Prowess

Close-range is where the Champion dominates the most, he can easily counter or even block incoming attacks. In my gameplays, the Champion can easily dispatch enemies with two-handed weapons and the ones that are dual-wielding by either anticipating their attacks with Quick Reflexes and disrupting them when going for power attacks with a simple shield bash. When up against fellow shield-user, the Champion either overpowers them with a flurry of attacks or power attacks or rely on the Unrelenting Force shout to stagger them before approaching them to avoid being parried or even Drain Vitality shout to suck out their stamina to make their blocking more ineffective.

Dawnguard's Prowess

In terms of magic, the Champion is very effective against the undead. Draugrs flee as he cleaves them either  with his Dawnbreaker or with Dawnblade to incinerate them, he can also cast Restoration attack spells like the Sun Fire or Vampire's Bane in a distance but he relies mostly on the Stenvarr's Aura for dealing with crowd of draugrs or vampires. When using spells it's preferable to keep his left hand free of shield. During the duration of the Stenvarr's Aura, keep a healing spell like Fast Healing or Close Wounds to have sustainability during long combats. 

Skills/Signature Moves:

Vanguard Charge - Critical Charge + Shield Bash

- The Champion's technique against sturdy or more powerful enemies. This is better to execute on an approaching opponent as the Champion Critcal Charges to it head on and if the charge wasn't able to deal the finishing blow, the Champion then quickly raises his shield to stop his momentum then bash the enemy and finish them off with a follow-up attack or even initiate an epic kill animation.

Legion Cross-Step Slash - Quick Reflexes + Shield Bash + Horizontal Power attack (preferably the right step power attack)

-The Champion's technique to one-on-one confrontation. This is the Champion's favorite move as he starts off by raising his shield activating the Quick Reflexes perk then bashes his enemy with his shield staggering it and then attacks with a side-step power attack. 

Soul-Cleaving Strike - Back Power attack + Fiery Soul Trap Enchantment

-The Champion's technique on dealing a devastating attack that sends the enemies soul back to Oblvion. A great finishing move to effective gather souls in soul gems and it's a good way of anticipating an approaching enemies' attack. 



-First of all, Dawnguard is a must for this build since most of the gear and abilities can only be found or acquired in this DLC.



-For a better Dawnguard Gear textures.


-For a very knightly style of animation for casting spells on one-hand and raising shield.


-Gives a better quality of enchantment VFX.



This is my very first build shared here and I'm really looking forward feedbacks, comments and suggestions. My thanks in advance and I wish you all a happy holidays!


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