Character Build: The Great Dreamer


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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

In his house at R'lyeh, dread Cthulhu waits dreaming. For him, the sleep of eons is as but a momentary stillness, and in his dreams, he speaks to those who would listen. He erodes the minds of the weak and emboldens the mad. The wind gibbers with his voice, and the earth rumbles with his thoughts.  He once ruled where the feeble gods of Earth rule now, and where they now rule he will rule again. For his hand is at their throats, and they see him not. After summer is winter, and after winter, summer. He waits patient and potent, for the stars to be right.  Nor is he alone in his waiting, for there are those who would worship him, hidden in distant wastes and dark places. There they make ready for the time when they will liberate their master from his long sleep with their prayers. Great Cthulhu will awaken to bring the whole of the earth under his sway once more and to teach man new ways to shout and kill.  Now, as the stars move into their foretold conjunctions and the great tree withers, R'lyeh rises from the sea and great Cthulhu frenzies forth to reassert his ancient dominion. He plants seeds of madness in the minds of the dreamers and calls to those who would serve him.  The old gods will fall before him as he shatters the chains of reason, and commands lunacy to rush forth upon the world. Kings will be made mad, the mad will become kings and not even the dead will be spared his wrath.  The stars are right. Cthulhu rises.

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!




  • Abyssal Tides Magic
  • Abyssal Wind Magic
  • Artifacts of Skyrim
  • Eldritch Knight
  • 50% More Perk Points

Other Mods Used

  • Eldritch - Hermaeus Mora Main Menu Replacer


Race/Racial Bonuses:  I used High Elf for the Magicka boost, but any race should work.  Highborn works wonders at low levels when you don't have much Magicka, so if you choose another race, make sure to augment the build for those losses.

Standing Stone: Atronach

Shout: Bend Will

Name: Cthulhu

Gender: Male (I think.  Cthulhu is usually referred to as a male, but who knows if his race even has genders.)

Age: 175,000,000+ (According to the Mountains of Madness, Cthulhu and his spawn came to Earth when the continents began to split.  He is likely older, but aging fictional ancient alien entities is not worth the effort.)

Religious Views: Cthulhu is oftentimes called the "priest of the Great Old Ones".  That could mean different things depending on your interpretation, so do with that information what you will.

Morality: Cthulhu transcends morality, but he definitely is not a nice entity to be dealing with.

Level: 55

Health: 380

Magicka: 280

Stamina: 230



Early Game Gear:

  • Novice Robes of Destruction
  • Bound Sword
  • Staff of Fire

Late Game Gear:

  • Eldritch Knight Armor (Fortify Healing Rate + Fortify Stamina Regen)
  • Eldritch Knight Boots (Fortify Heavy Armor + Fortify One-Handed)
  • Eldritch Knight Gloves (Fortify Magicka Regen + Resist Magic)
  • Eldritch Knight Sword (Absorb Health + Soul Trap)
  • Eldritch Knight Hood (Fortify Destruction + Fortify Illusion)
  • Jagged Crown
  • Miraak (Dragon Priest Mask)(Heavy)
  • Miraak's Sword
  • Miraak's Staff

Ring: Ring of R'yleh (Silver Ring enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Stamina)

Amulet: Amulet of the Great Old Ones (Silver Necklace enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Destruction)



  • Main Quest: If Alduin ends the world, he also ends you.  Stop him.
  • The Companions: A guild of honorable warriors exists in Whiterun.  Though you do not share their ideals, perhaps they can help you refine your skills.
  • The College of Winterhold: A college of power-hungry mages.  Learn from them, particularly those inclined to Illusion and Destruction, though you owe them no loyalty.
  • The Black Star: Gain an infinite soul gem.  This will greatly help in strengthening yourself.
  • Civil War: There are rumors of a crown containing the power of everyone to wear it.  Such abilities are highly desirable.
  • Dragonborn: Reunite with your Tamrielic counterpart to kill Miraak.



Smithing (100): Arcane Blacksmith, Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing

Heavy Armor (100): Juggernaut 5/5, Well Fitted

One-Handed (100): Armsman 5/5, Bladesman 3/3, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike, Paralyzing Strike

Speech (100): Haggling 5/5, Allure, Bribery, Persuasion, Intimidation

Illusion (100): [Whole tree]

Conjuration (100): Novice Conjuration, Apprentice Conjuration, Adept Conjuration, Expert Conjuration, Summoner 2/2, Atromancy, Necromancy, Elemental Potency, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

Destruction (100): Novice Destruction, Apprentice Destruction, Adept Destruction, Expert Destruction, Master Destruction, Destruction Dual Casting, Impact

Alteration (100): Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Adept Alteration, Expert Alteration, Magic Resistance 3/3, Atronach

Enchanting (100): Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Soul Squeezer, Soul Siphon, Extra Effect


For the most part, you should play the Great Dreamer like a spellsword.  When you fight a mage, get in close.  When you face a warrior, use the magic to fight from a distance.  You could even switch things up and dual-wield the Eldritch Knight Sword with Miraak's Sword or use his staff with the abyssal magic.  It all depends on the situation and you need to be willing to adapt.


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