Character Build: The Tempus King

Greetings and salutations my fellow Tamriellic Vaulters. With the return of the gloriousness that is Crossworlds, I HAD to join in. With that, welcome to….

Stand Your Ground

You were the son of Emeric of Cumberland, High King of Daggerfall, Leader of the Daggerfall Covenant, and his second wife, a former bandit chieftess. When your father was taken by Molag Bal’s forces, The Adamantine Tower pulled you into itself, to heal and hone your body.

As you trained within the pocket of Aetherius Ada-Mantia, you learned. Your bloodline, in times of crisis would act as the living Stone of the Tower, and that the ability you and your ancestors possessed to make enemy blows pass through as if you were air, to instantly teleport to those you've bonded  with, the same power Persephone anon Alessia utilized, was connected to Shadow Magic. With the return of Alduin. Harkon, and Miraak, your soul was cast back to Nirn.


Race: Breton. Not only does it make sense from the lore, but Dragonskin, the innate 25 percent resistance to magic, and bonuses to Speech and Conjuration

Stat Spread: 2/1/3 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking Health at 170

Standing Stone: The Mage or Warrior to start, then swap to The Apprentice as soon as possible.

Major Skills: One-Handed, Speech, Block

Minor Skills: Enchanting, Conjuration (Smithing Optional)




The Kingsguard, the ancient guardians of the High Kings and Queens of High Rock and Skyrim. Able to tap into the regent’s magical reserve, and picked from the best, these men and women boldly serve as the King or Queen's swords and shields.

What's not to love about having your own personal Praetorian Guard? If you don’t possess a mod that allows multiple followers, feel free to keep the rest on standby at your home(s). For a uniform, I stuck with Ebony Armor, sans helmet.

Mjoll the Lioness - What else can be said about this lionhearted Nord lass that myself and others haven't? She's essential, she's tough as a bull and great with a two-hander. I had Mjoll has basically the Housecarl of the Tempus King, steadfast and loyal. Like the Lioness she titles herself, this girl with a two-handed greatsword is great for tanking damage, and helping out against tough bosses, like Dragon Priests.

Vorstag - An all around great hireling who doesn't give Molag’s balls what you tell him to do. In a series I might write, he’s also the group’s cook. Give him a sword and shield, and he's basically a Blade for you. He was an overall good companion to travel with, even willing to commit crimes for his king.

Mercurio - While he’s a bit of a pompous dickwagon, he's also quite the skilled magus. Having him with shock spells and a staff of shock magic works wonders against other mages, and especially against dragons, as without any Magicka, dragons will be forced to land.

Bran - Badass armored Dawnguard husky. Need I say more?


The Tempus King and Mercurio have got each other's backs.



Aside from having a companion/follower backing you up, the core concept of the build is based on Become Ethereal and using it to in essence teleport, or in anime terms, Flash Stepping, around the battlefield.

As soon as possible, you'll want to head to Ustengrav to grab both the first word of Become Ethereal and if you've finished The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, return to Jurgen’s coffin for a free Dragon Soul to boot.

Alongside Dragonskin, Become Ethereal also helps against dragons and archers. With Mercurio’s spells and your Bound Bow, plus the aid of any friendly NPCs that happen to wander by, simply pop Become Ethereal, and start pelting the dragon with arrows until they land. Speaking of Bound weapons, they make excellent backup weapons.

Other enemies like two-handed Reaver Lords or Spellsword Vampire Nightstalkers can be easily dispatched by a mixture of Battle Fury, Bardic Knowledge, and a capable follower buffed by a Courage or similar spell, simply use Quick Reflexes or Become Ethereal to avoid damage, and then simple hack and slash through them. Simple, but effective.

The Blessing of Talos, combined with the occasional Amulet, can help you do this more than once per battle.



Level 44 Perks

You, your betrothed, your mother, and your father



Crown of Cumberland - Silver and Moonstone Circlet w/Fortify Magicka

Ebony Mail

Ring of Cummtalmh - Gold Sapphire Ring w/ Resist Magic (Shield of Solitude variant)

Royal Dueling Bracers - Penitus Oculatus Bracers w/ Fortify One-Handed

Sang Real - Gold Ruby Necklace with Fortify Healing Rate

Weathered Wanderer’s Boots - Penitus Oculatus Boots w/ Fortify Stamina Regen

Masamune - Blades Sword w/ Chaos



  • Main Quest/Dawnguard/Dragonborn - As the Living Stone of Adamantine, you have been tasked with freeing Mundus from the threats of Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak.

  • College of Winterhold - While you never were quite studious, better knowledge of magic will be useful in your travels

  • Blood on The Ice - A string of mysterious murders have sprung up in Winterhold. As a prospective king, you cannot let this villain go unpunished

  • A Delayed Burial - While this Cicero fellow strikes you as odd, you can't help but believe he is sincerely wishing to bury his mother, why not let him a hand?

  • Civil War (Imperials) - While you were never on the best terms with the Empire, you see them as the best hope for stopping the War, and bringing the fight to the reborn Aldmeri Dominion


An Aiding King - Though of noble birth, your father, and to an extent mother, encouraged you to help those in need, be they, peasant or pontiff.

Betrayal is Weakness - Your mother taught you to respect strength. If a for truthfully surrenders (Is affected by any Calm spells/Powers/scrolls) let them live. If they betrayal you, and raise arms, cut them down.



Mark and Recall Bonds - As part of the power the character possesses, if you're feeling up for a challenge, you may only fast travel if A) You're within five feet of a companion and B) You must chug two Restore Magicka potions, four if playing above Adept.

The Magic of Friendship - Your Kingsguard aren't just your sworn swords, they are your friends, your brothers, and sisters in arms. Don't forget to spend time with them.



Whew, it's good to finally get this written out and posted. Thanks to The Postman for the awesome screenshots. If you haven't guessed, the build was primarily based on Final Fantasy 15’s telespam happy royal protagonist, Prince (Later unofficially King) Noctis Lucis Caelum, with a fair bit of RWBY's Raven Branwen, bandit chieftess and mother of Yang Xiao Long.

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  • "and if you've finished The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, return to Jurgen’s coffin for a free Dragon Soul to boot." 

    I never knew you could get a free dragon soul if you return to the tomb of Jurgen, interesting!

    • Yeah, I only found out in like 2014
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