Character Build: The Watcher

Mods (entirely optional, used for cosmetic purposes)

Realistic Armors



Heimdallr (also anglicized as Heimdall) watches over Asgard and the Bifrost, warning the other Aesir of threats if necessary.  This is especially important during Ragnarok, as this gives the warriors of Valhalla time to prepare themselves for the upcoming fight.  For him to be involved in the dragon incidents means not only that Skyrim is in danger, but Asgard as well.


Heimdallr never meant to commit any acts of treason.  In fact, he had never even heard of these "Stormcloaks".  He just saw some men tied up on the side of a road, which he assumed was the result of a bandit attack, so he set to work freeing the men.  He was then ambushed by Imperials.  Odin owed him a drink.  Whatever Odin was seeking this time, it had better be worth the trouble Heimdallr was going through to find the High One of Asgard.

Race & Stats


Race: Nord

Standing Stone: Lord

Shout: Call of Valor

Level: 41

Attribute Spread (M/H/S): 0/2/1

Magicka: 100

Health: 370

Stamina: 230

Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Archery, Two-Handed, Alchemy, Alteration


Heavy Armor (100): Juggernaut 5/5, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength, Matching Set

Two-Handed (100): Barbarian 5/5, Champion's Stance, Limbsplitter 3/3, Devastating Blow

Archery (100): Overdraw 5/5, Eagle Eye, Steady Hand 2/2, Power Shot, Critical Shot 1/3, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger

Alteration (100): Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Mage Armor 1/3, Adept Alteration, Expert Alteration, Atronach

Alchemy (100): Alchemist 1/5, Physician, Benefactor, Poisoner


Wolf Armor fits aesthetically, but the Dragonbone Mail from Bones For A Crow is much better due to enchantments and a higher armor rating.  In the end, it is up to you to determine which you would like to use, though I heavily suggest Dragonbone Mail.

Just about any bow will work, but I recommend Auriel's Bow.  I also recommend getting Wuuthrad for your Two-Handed weapon, since it does extra damage to elves and this build struggled against Thalmor Destruction mages until I picked it up.

Recommended Factions/Quests


The Companions is a questline that is available from basically the beginning of the game and is easy to complete while giving you a good axe and a werewolf form, though Heimdallr will cure himself later.

The Main Questline will allow you to postpone Ragnarok and give you Call of Valor for this build.

The Dawnguard questline will allow you to obtain Auriel's Bow, which is preferable to other bows that require crafting or a hefty sum of gold.

Bones For A Crow will give you the Dragonbone Mail if you choose to do the quest.  There's really no reason not to.  Even if you don't want the armor, you can sell it (which feels like a crime to me, but it's an option).

As always, you can add more quests to this list but know that I avoided Hendraheim and The Forsworn Conspiracy for the following reasons:

  • Heimdallr wouldn't waste his time with mortal affairs when the fate of Asgard rests on him completing other quests.
  • Just like with the Forsworn Conspiracy, Heimdallr does not have the time to settle down for the Hendraheim quest.

Special Moves

Watcher: Using Unrelenting Force, knock an opponent into the air, shoot them with your bow while making use of the Eagle Eye perk, and finish them off with a power attack.  (Unrelenting Force + Eagle Eye + Power Attack)

Gjallarhorn: Call of Valor + Bow Attack (X2) + Standing Power Attack

I've done a couple of things differently from my earlier builds, so please leave feedback.  What else should I include?  Should I have left anything out?  Anything else I should do differently?

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