Character Build: The Water Dragon


This build was influenced by my love of dragons and of the elements. Water can either be a helping hand or a hinderance. Nothing can withstand the raw power that water possesses. it can topple trees and level tall mountains. The only element that can keep water in check is the element of fire. Water can be a dangerous tool if messed around with, but, used properly, it can be a godsend.


The Water dragon is a nightmare to those who would cross her but generous and humble to those who treat her with kindness. All she wants is order. She also wants pirates to stop fighting in her oceans.


Protects-Many-Waters grew up on the Dren plantation as a slave to Orvas Dren, brother to Vedam Dren, head of the Cammona Tong and Duke of Morrowind. Protects-many-waters would dream of the day that she would be free of the shackles she wears. Orvas took many Argonian travelers to Vvardenfell as slaves. Among these argonian and khajiit slaves were her parents. The little Argonian dared not to think of what could have happened to them. Every night, She would dream of far off places where there were no slaves within one thousand miles. 

The plantation gaurds rested and ate in a guardhouse at the southwest end of the plantation. Near the guardhouse was a pond. She made sure the coast was clear and walked over to the pond. Her mouth dry from the mid summer's heat. She bent down to drink from it when she caught sight of a beautiful water dragon on the pond floor. Water dragons were rare in this part of Nirn, but she saw one with her own eyes. The dragon, sensing a presence, swam towards the surface. As it broke the surface of the pond, the argonian stood and backed away from the pond, frightened. The dragon stared at the argonian. "Who or what are you?" She asked, a bit scared.

        "I am the guardian of not only this pond but all waters on Nirn. I have heard your thoughts Argonian. You wish to leave this place, do you not?" 

        "Yes, I did say that. By the way, how can you hear my thoughts through all that water?" The lizard asked

        "I possess the ancient magics of the water tribe, such as telekinesis, the ability to read minds."

She screwed up her face trying to grasp the concept. "Who is the water tribe?"

       "Eons ago, when Nirn was still young, there was a tribe who practiced ancient magic to protect their land from the evil fire dragons. However, the fire dragon leader, Alduin put a spell on the mind of Parthurnaax, the keeper of the peace to warp his mind to think we were the enemy.”

“Alduin warped the dragonpriests’ minds too. The dragonpriests once worshipped the water dragons when we were at our full power, but alas, this is no longer the case because that foul dragon came and altered their minds into believing we are evil. Alduin’s mind altering magic reached far and wide, even to the land of Solstheim, where a dragonpriest named Miraak lives.” “Eons ago, my fellow water dragons and I stood against Alduin and Miraak and and we used our full power against them. I thought we had killed him and the leader of the fire dragons, but we merely banished them from this plane to a place called Apocrypha.” She closed her exquisite eyes and sighed heavily, “While on that plane, Miraak and Alduin worked to poison the minds of the water tribe against me. Ashamed in my skills and and angry at the fire leader and the dragonpriest for their diception, I created a magical seal between the worlds. The dragon and the priest waited one thousand years for the seal between the worlds to weaken. You alone stand in their way.” “Does this mean that you are the tribe’s leader?” Protects-many-waters asked. “Yes, I am Ryūjin, ruler of the water tribe.” the dragon stated with a bow.

The water dragon scanned the lizard with her bright blue eyes. She wasn't scanning her, instead, the dragon was looking into the Argonian's soul.

        "Are you sure you want to escape? If so, I can make that dream a reality."

The lizard nodded firmly "Anything to get me away from this dreadful place."

        "Your wish is granted Argonian." The dragon said, authoritatively

The water dragon summoned its soul from deep inside itself and it floated towards the lizard. As the soul got absorbed by the argonian, the water dragon started to fade. The last words that were heard before it vanished completely were "Kill Alduin and the priest. Free my fellow dragons. Our survival rests in your hands.” 

Protects-many-waters empowered by the water dragon's soul strode away from the crystal clear pool. The Argonian entered the house of the Dren brothers and stealthily made her way up to their bedroom and she summoned a blizzard to swirl inside their bedroom To hide her from view. She then used the dragon's magical ice spikes to skewer the two brothers like pigs on spits.

She exited the house and used her ice magic to free all the other slaves. With her task accomplished, She formed a path out of ice that stretched from the plantation all the way to the sea and walked along the path. When she reached the water's edge, she conjured a boat and oars made out of ice and placed them into the water and rowed to Skyrim to start life anew. Skyrim isn't as pleasant as she makes it seem however.



Name: Protects-Many-Waters

Race: Argonian 

Sex: Female

Stats: 2:3:0

Standing Stones: lord and lover (aetherium crown)

Shouts: Become Ethereal, dragonborn frost, Dragon Aspect, Slow Time, Bend Will

Spells: Conjure Frost Atronach, Frost Cloak, Blizzard, Frostbite, Frost Rune, Wall of Frost, Sleet Storm, Close Wounds

Gear: full set of stalhrim armor enchanted with resist fire, fortify light armor, resist frost and resist magicka

Weapons: Chillrend, Stalhrim Bow 

Magor Skills: Light Armor, Enchanting, Destruction 

Minor Skills: One Handed, Conjuration



Light Armor: The water dragon's soul allows the Argonian easy access to its rock hard scales. Although the Argonian cannot temper or upgrade the material, she can boost the armor rating in other ways, such as enchanting a few pieces with fortify light armor.

Enchanting: The Water dragon grants the lizard an extra skin to protect herself from dragons and other nasty creatures. When she is in trouble she can heal herself using health enchantments. The Argonian can also channel the dragon's innate resist frost magics into her armor.

Destruction: The argonian has an innate connection to water based magic and as such she can wield the water will deadly force. The water dragon gives the Argonian improved control over water magic and she can also increase the damage output of her frost spells with Merciless Cold

One Handed: The lizard learned how to use one handed weapons during her slavery on Vvardenfell. With the water dragon's soul in her, she can wield her water and ice weapons with insane accuracy. She can also do insane amounts of damage with those weapons.

Conjuration: The dragon's soul grants the lizard the ability to summon frost atronachs. Her frost-based bodyguards stick around for longer with Atromancy. She can also make them 50% resistant and gain 300 armor points with the Summon Resist perk.



Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - This mods allows the argonian to summon an ally of the water tribe via the new lady stone power

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mod enables Protects-Many-Water to unlock the full potential of the water dragon's soul

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - this mod adds ice and water arrows to Skyrim as well as some neat water and ice spells

Phenderix Magic World - this mod adds some neat water and ice spells to Skyrim complimenting those of the Apocalypse mod




With the water dragon's soul inhabiting Xhiak, she can enter water without fear of drowning. The dragon's soul also provides the Argonian with quick reflexes of both mind and body. The Argonian will have a much easier time with giants and dragons with her newly aquired water-based spells and shouts. She will have a tough time against frost giants and ice wraiths unless she is proficient at wielding water or ice weapons. With these weapons in hand, she can make short work of not just ice creatures, but any creature, that is if her water based spells and shouts fail her.

Against giants, the argonian uses Tsunami to first form a really strong current that washes her enemy's weapon away and then she becomes an unstoppable wave that kills the giant immediately. Against bandits, highwaymen and hired thugs, she uses her Storm Surge ability to overwhelm them and the dragon washes over their dead bodies in a powerful current that sweeps her enemies off their feet.

The water dragon uses bend will on her fellow ice dragons to assist her with the destruction of the fire tribe. Finally, for undead and falmer, the dragon uses her most powerful ability Terror of the Water Dragon to show her true self and freezes her enemies to the bone with her frost cloak. The argonian uses Calming Waters to heal while using water magic to become intangible to enemy spells, swords and arrows. The water dragon uses Flash Flood to deal with small groups of enemies or stragglers that have broken off from a large group of enemies, this move also works on mages.






The water dragon entrusted you with her soul to help you make a better life for yourself. The water dragon has only one rule: be generous to people who show kindness but be wicked and merciless to those that have hate in their hearts. If you come across bandits, highwaymen, giants, undead or dragons, this is when the water dragon's soul is set aflame. Use your water or ice weapons to make your enemies' lives a living hell. Also, tread carefully because the water tribe is being resurrected and is warped to Alduin’s will.



12337693094?profile=RESIZE_192X Calming Waters the water dragon protects herself from the evils of Skyrim while healing herself Become Ethereal + histskin

12337693862?profile=RESIZE_584x Tsunami the dragon's sudden surge of energy disheartens her enemies Disarm + Wall of Frost + Stalhrim Sword

 12337693695?profile=RESIZE_584x  Flash Flood the Argonian reigns terror upon those with black hearts Wall of Frost + Dragoborn Frost + Conjure Frost Atronach

12337694077?profile=RESIZE_710x Storm Surge when the dragon becomes outnumbered, she takes the form of a mighty blizzard and ravages her foes Frost Rune + Blizzard + Stalhrim Bow

12337694678?profile=RESIZE_710x Terror of the Water Dragon When left no alternative the water dragon's soul takes over and it reveals her true form resist frost Stalhrim Armor + Dragon Aspect + Dragonborn Frost


Main Quest the water dragon must kill the leader of the fire tribe who seeks to steal the water tribes’ magic

Dragonborn the argonian helps the water dragon by eliminating the being who is helping Alduin steal the water dragons' magic

Dawnguard (Dawnguard) the dragon destroys any being she deems unclean, especially the undead Volkihar

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood being a kind dragon, she cannot abide senseless killing 

Meridia's Beacon the dragon senses a disturbance under Mount Kilkreath and eliminates the threat

College of Winterhold the argonian joins this guild to learn how to use water magic and make it bend to her will 

Companions: none. Water flows freely, unaided


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