Event Build: Ka Po' Tun Lord

The Ka Po' Tun Lord is based on, you guesed it, the tigerfolk of Akavir. In this build you combine the ferocity of your claws with the elements to create the ultimate close quarters build. Please excuse my lack of pictures, as im not that great at photography. without further delays, lets get into it.



Ever since childhood, they excelled at hand-to-hand combat. They used to spar the other kids, who used training weapons, and still won. When they came of age, they enrolled in the military, and quickly rose through the ranks. A few years passed, and they were now 26. They, along with two others, were sent to take a preview of tamriel. They used a small boat, as the tsaesci navy was immensely powerful. They arrived in High Rock, and decided to make their way east, to skyrim. They decided this due to a northern border made up of mountains, which would make it easy to slip through unnoticed when they invade. They arrived in Skyrim, when they found a troupe of nords, and got caught up in an imperial ambush, and their two companions got shot down in a volley of arrows. The Ka Po’ Tun lord surrendered, realising they had been bested, as did the survivors of the nordic troupe.

Not the Backstory:

When Alduin attacked helgen, he sees that as Tosh Raka giving him a second chance. He also noticed that he and his allies did not stand a chance as they were, so he realized he had much to learn about tamrielic culture and combat strategies. He would escape with Ralof, as the very narrow stuff he has learned, he thinks of the empire as the tsaesci and the stormcloaks as the good guys, although he will not join the war. He has no idea why Tosh Raka spared him, as he has failed, which he would soon find out to be because he is Tosh Raka’s chosen. He goes on to realize he has an aspect for casting magic, and decides to use this to enhance his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. When he finds out about the dark brotherhood, he can't help but join, using Tosh Raka’s gift to its fullest by crippling Tamriel from their citizens, and eventually killing the emperor.


The Ka Po' Tun Lord uses the following armorset:

Dragonplate Helmet

Blades Armor

Dragonplate Brawlers Gauntlets

Insulated Dragonplate Boots

Amulet of Akatosh

Ring of Destruction

Adventurer Backpack

they make no use of weapons


They make use of cloak spells and the following shouts:

Dismay, Ice Form, Slow Time, Drain Vitality, Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Dragon Aspect, Bend Will, Call Dragon

Special Moves:

Fire Dragon’s Roar: Dismay + Fire Cloak { Release a violent exhalation that surrounds you in flames and strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who hears it

Frost Dragon’s Fist: Ice Form + Ice Cloak { Channel the freezing north that surrownds you into your fists, surrounding you and your foe in ice. the difference is you know how to control it

Thundering Speed: Thunder Cloak + Slow Time { A move very few know how to execute, but deadly if done right. You move so fast that the electricity in the air arround you becomes stronger, to the point where its visible.

Ancient Dragon Arts: Drain Vitality + Power Attacks { Learned from a previous dragonborn during his time in sovengarde, he sucks the life out of his foes and then uses that energy to create an extra powerful blow

Dragon Form: Dragon Aspect + Whirlwind Cloak { Take the form of a dragon, and soar through, not the sky, but your enemies corpses as you send them flying with each of your punches

Other Stuf:

Factions: Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Greybeards, Dawnguard

House: Heljarchen Hall (Armory, Trophy Room, Greenhouse)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

Standing Stone: Lord Stone

Race: Khajiit (roleplayed as Ka Po' Tun

Gender: Male

Version: AE

Difficulty: Adept

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