Event Build: The Honorable Cryomancer


The second he entered the room, it got colder.  A nearby Bounty Hunter shouted, "Do you have a problem?" Kuai could tell that the bounty hunter was intelligent but dishonorable and reckless.  The bounty hunter quickly loaded a Dawnguard crossbow and shot.  It didn't make it to the bone-chilling stranger.  A wall of ice now stood between them.  That was all he needed to know.  "You fight without honor,"  Kuai said.  He quickly shattered the wall, rushed to the bounty hunter, and froze him.  "He is lucky he is not dead."  The cryomancer declared.  He paid Delphine for the room and went to rest.  When he awoke, he was in a cart on the way to Helgen, though he did not know the town's name.  Oddly, he did not remember how to cast his ice spells.  This was likely the work of a certain sorcerer.  When he was lined up for the headsman block, he thought, "Is this to be my end?  Dishonorably slain for the act of self-defense?"  


  • Prefers Light Armor
  • Heavily uses Destruction magic ( he is a cryomancer, after all)(Get all the Ice-related perks)
  • Twin Stalhrim War Axes work, while still looking like the ice weapons he uses.  A Stalhrim sword also looks similar to what he would have wielded. (One-handed, get perks for War Axes and 1H Swords)
  • Enchantments are not necessary, but greatly improve the damage he can put out. Continuing with the theme, choose Fortify Destruction and Fortify One-Handed

Race, Standing Stone, and Shouts

Choose Nord or Breton, as they both resemble the abilities he would have in his own universe.  If you choose Breton, use the Atronach Stone to double up on resistances.  If you choose Nord, use the Atronach Stone, you'll need the magic resistance.  As for the Shouts, I think it's relatively obvious: Frost Breath and Ice Form.

Quests & Roleplay

College of Winterhold is a must; he must try to regain his cryomancy powers.

Companions is a yes, kind of.  Go far enough to get Skyforge Steel weapons, but not far enough to get Lycanthropy.

Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild are a no, as well as any Daedric Quests.

Aside from that, do quests that fit the theme of an honorable cryomancer.

Never participate in either the Stormcloak or Forsworn uprising.  Imperials tried to kill you, so best stay away from them.


Using your cryomancy, you'll want to prep with Frost Cloak, then use any ice projectiles while you close the gap.  Finally, finish them with your Stalhrim weapons.  For particularly tough opponents, use Ice Storm, Ice Form, and/or Frost Breath.

Character Reveal

My aunt's favorite Mortal Kombat character, the second Sub-Zero, brother of the older Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang.



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