Event Build: The Degenerate Dragon


 Greetings and salutations my fellow Skyrimmers! It has been a hot minute since my last build, and dear God, have I been building. Welcome to an…unorthodox, and rather perverse punch mage, welcome to the tale of….




My life before was like any other, a lust for adventure, a lust for beautiful women….till the day I died. Shortly before I set out on a contract to Skyrim, I met an enchanting woman, who proceeded to stick a blade through my chest. I would have died, if not for her. A gorgeous Dark Seducer named Jenassa had heard my dying cries, and saved my life, at the cost of turning me into basically demi-Daedra, oh, and binding my soul with that of a Daedric Titan. From that day on, I swore to serve her, and also surround myself with bountiful women!


After ingratiating myself into her peerage, I was sent to continue onto Skyrim to track reports of supernatural activity, where she and the others would await me. That was when I got caught in a skirmish between the Empire and Stormcloaks….


Build Overview


Race: Imperial Vampire. Not only is Voice of the Emperor a fantastic “Oh shit!” button to get some breathing room in tough fights, but they also get a nice +5 bonus to Block, Destruction, Enchanting, and Heavy Armor, and Vampirism gives, among other things, a bonus to Illusion spells.


Standing Stone: The Warrior or Mage to start with, followed by the Lord, primarily for the 25% Resistance to Magicka, useful against pesky Magicka draining lightning, or worse, flame spells as a vampire.


Stat Spread: 3/1/3 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. We’ll need a fair bit of Magicka for Destruction and Illusion, and health for Equilibrium and to, you know, not die.


Primary Skills: Destruction, Enchanting, Pickpocket, Illusion


Secondary Skills: Speech, Block, Lockpicking





Ah, playing the Degenerate Dragon was so much fun, pickpocketing heavily armored punch wizard! Pickpocketing is fairly easy, if a bit cheesy to level up. Simply go around Skyrim, pickpocketing various NPCs, even if you’re Detected, and focus on pilfering gold, gems, and jewelry from the various citizens of Skyrim, particularly the wealthier looking chaps, which you can then have a follower pick up from several chests to remove the stolen, such as the long chest Farengar has in front of his work space up in Dragonsreach. With this, you’ll be rich and leveling Pickpocket in no time. Remember, the lower the percentage chat of stealing the item, the more experience yah get!  


Thanks to the Blessing of Dibella, swiping the armor and weapons of female enemies made them that much easier to deal with, even if male ones arguably outnumbered them, just pop a flame spell on to start up the damage over time, then get to fisting. Focus primarily on mages and archers first, as your armor can help deal with melee opponents, but ranged ones can be a problem, especially fire mages as a vampire. Undead can easily be brought down by your furious flaming fists especially due to damage over time and their weakness to fire spells.


Speaking of fire, fire dragons can be rather difficult. Until you grab Dragonrend late in the Main Quest, you’ll want to duck behind any cover when you can, such as trees, walls, etc. In Between their Shouts, pop out and sling out fire spells at your draconian foes, occasionally using a Lesser Ward to help mitigate some of the draconic damage to whittle down their health. Once they’ve landed, pop on a Cloak, and continue blasting till you’re up in their grill or out of Magicka. After that, begin to punch away till your armored fists cave in their draconic domes.


Follower wise, I primarily stuck around with Jenassa, and married her, roleplaying her as the Dark Seducer that saved the Degenerate Dragon.


So, after escaping with my head still on my shoulders, thanks to a murderous dragon, the main Daedric Titan within me, Sahqosahrotjun, of whom I had befriended, guided me first to helping out the Jarl of Whiterun, where some old geezers screamed into the sky that I was something called a “Dragonborn.” Pretty sure my dad wasn’t a dragon, but well, next stop was their mountain hermitage.


Teaching Rolff Stone-Fist a lesson for disrespecting Jenassa, and Dunmer in general



Overtime my legend began grown, and so did my soon-to-be not so little Familia. Thank Dibella most of them were beautiful women, however I am thankful I found two boon comrades in Goldir and Celann.



Speech-Primarily a roleplay speech, but what Cassanova and leader ain’t got a silver tongue? Plus Merchant is, as always, useful for training.


Pickpocket-Used to help make gold in the early game, it is primarily used for combat by disarming and disrobing your enemies, leaving them exposed for your fists and fire.


Destruction-Your primary means of inflicting long-to-medium range damage, in this case, fire, fire, and more fire.


Block-While a bit tanky, I chose to focus more on blocking and dodging rather than only spending what would just be three or so perk points in HA, primarily for Fists of Steel.


Lockpicking-As an adventurer and occasional pervert, the Degenerate Dragon is skilled in getting into places and chests he shouldn’t.

Illusion-A followup skill, Calm and Fear are useful for helping clear out weaker mobs, or in the event you don’t wanna get your hands bloody, or if you need a moment to heal and think.


Enchanting-Those who know me know I have a weakness for this skill, primarily because it allows me to buff gear, but also to custom name my character’s weapons and apparel.


Special Moves


Stark Reality-When Jenassa was first introducing me to the world of Daedradom, I found a kindred spirit in the debaucherous Prince Sanguine, who even helped me master my ultimate strippage technique, unraveling and eroding the clothes and armor of my female enemies, leaving them momentarily stunned, and bared.

(Invisibility+Misdirection+Perfect Touch+Female Opponents+Calm spells/Voice of the Emperor)









Triarch Check-Channeling both my internal energies and those of the world around me, I perform a triple action of upping my magical potency, hardening my armor, and increasing my speed to the point it becomes nigh impossible to strike me, before drowning my enemies in a crimson inferno.

(Fortify Destruction Potion+Secret of Protection+Become Ethereal+Fire Storm)









Body Talks-Using my in-depth knowledge of the Dibella-blessed female body, I can practically hear their body’s intent allowing me to plan around ‘em. 

(Quick Reflex+Slow Time+Found/Bought Fortify Alteration Potion, which when timed correctly will allow you to extend Slow Time’s effects.)











Titan Shift-A last ditch move, tapping into a hybridization of my latent Dragonblood, and Sahqosahrotjun’s spirit within me, transforming me into an unstoppable being of pure fiery wrath.

(Found/Bought Fortify Destruction potion+Dual Cast Flame Cloak+Dragon Aspect+Secret of Protection/Arcana).








Some Primary Quests:

Main Quest, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn-While being a hero is nice and he does care for the world and it’s people, the Degenerate Dragon’s main reason to save the world from Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak is so he and his girls can live in peace.


College of Winterhold-Still new to his power, the Dragon will seek to find the learned men and women of the College to learn how to control his new mystical abilities.


Bard’s College-While a controversial questline to players, the free skill boosts from recovering the instruments for your fellow bards is a boon in the early game.


Laid to Rest-Out adventuring in Morthal, the Degenerate Dragon investigated the curious case of a burned house, and desires to not only help the little girl that died in the blaze find peace, but also beat the hell out of a predatory cabal of vampires.


Civil War (Imperials)-While perverted, what the Degenerate Dragon wishes deep down is to live peacefully, and not being one to vibe with kingslayers, he will bury the hatchet and help the Imperials.


Destroy the Dark Brotherhood-Pissed off at being kidnapped, and for numerous attacks from assassins, the Degenerate Dragon will put a fiery fist to face and wipe out the decaying Brotherhood.



  • Always carry a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid Volume 1 and 2 for those lonely nights.
  • Never use Stark Reality on a male opponent.
  • Train daily by either punching or spellcasting training dummies, or by clearing out a bandit den or the like, gotta stay sharp to stay alive.
  • Alternate time between Jenassa, Serana, Illia, Raaya, etc as Followers .
  • Try to use Persuasion or various dialogue options to non-violently solve problems first.
  • Don’t use your armor in public if it can’t be helped, wouldn’t wanna freak people out when some dude in Daedric-adjacent armor starts blasting dragons.
  • Never pray to any of the Divines, as being demi-Daedra causes harm to befall you if you do….though you can silently thank Dibella.



The Dragon and his horde relaxing after another successful mission, for Dov are driven to domination.



Final Thoughts

Whoo, and finally, after months of writing and play, it is finished! Thanks to Jazzy for the screenshots and spreads, you rock dude! Also thanks to Warlorc for helping me brainstorm a bit. Anyway if you lot haven’t noticed, my weeb ass has decided to recreate Highschool DxD’s very own Grabbing/Oppai Dragon, the Red Dragon Emperor, future High Class Devil, Pawn of and eventual husband to Rias Gremory (among other gals), and harem king, Issei Hyodou! Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for my next builds, coming eventually. 

Also, if you'd like to further your Issei playthrough, my I suggest using the Rias Gremory Follower Mod?


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  • Bruh, lol. Noicely done, man. Love the unique take on the Stark Reality and the minor RPs. Tho I'd like to hear more about the other female followers and maybe if you could find some synergeies as a support-type since you also have Ilusion and could give them some nice enchantments. If you don't mind recommending a minor mod, I highly suggest "Caught Red Handed". A great way to explore Dibellan arts from Master Haelga, lol.

    • Caught Red Handed eh? Ah damn, that reminds me, forgot to recommend the Rias Gremory follower mod at the end. I....actually rarely enchant follower equipment, though I did on occasion pop a courage spell on em

  • Hahaha, nice to see this build material.
    Fantastic Job in translating this build into Skyrim!
    One additional input: Consider using marked for death to weaken the enemy mob? Might help with fisticuffs. 
    Also, you could try to slip poison of weakness to poison, poison of ravage health and Lingering damage poison, before proceeding to ambush sneak attack dual flurry punches from stealth mode.
    Helps take down targets considerably faster.

    • Huh, you never I never thought of slipping Weakness or ravaging/lingering damage poisons. Most of the ones I've ever used were like, flat-ish damage ones. But yeah, I somehow forgot MoD. Thanks for the looksie dude.

  • Addendum, thanks to Jazzy for this reminder, but tossed in a link to the Rias Gremory follower mod at the bottom. 

This reply was deleted.