Event Build: The Figure in The Dark

Hello and welcome everyone to my Halloween mini-build. Rather than focus on a famous story or character, I wanted to do something everyone knows and has seen at some  point... the figure in the dark. We've all seen... 'it;' standing... somewhere. You don't know where, but he's there, you caught him; just off the corner of your eye... 'It's just my imagination... but what if it isn't?' And you never go to sleep. So, why not make a build off that? Here's my take on The Figure in The Dark.




The Rise of The Boethian Cult in Skyrim

By Author Maro Motierre

His birth is unknown, his age is unknown, even his own existence is shrouded in legends and myths– though he was, or is, a very real character.

While his birth name is forgotten, he is most famously known by his title ‘The Dark Figure,’ and I’ll be refereeing to him as such.

His father was a high priest of Boethiah leading the cult for almost 20 years before his assassination– his mother was also a priestess of Boethiah. As such, the Figure was raised from birth to be a worshiper of Boethiah- to kill in her name. But there was a major problem- his physique was lacking and was not like the other boys in the cult, and more than often lost duels, because of this he was viewed as a disappointment by his mother and much of the cult, though, strangely he was not killed as his father ‘sensed’ something in him.

His first kill was at the humble age of 12 where on one somber night he slit another boys throat that had previously teased and bullied him. This was the birth of his ‘style.’ He had loved how easy and calm it was to kill a person in this manner- calmly, quietly, with no sound. He began to delve into Illusion to soothe and terrify- becoming a fan of fear magic later in his life.

Though, this life would not last long, as three members of the cult planned a coup; a Great War soldier by the name of Skjor and two banits- Hajvarr and Haldyn. Their reasons have been lost to the ages; with the one… thing that might know them is the Figure. Why? Well– he knew. He knew of the coup, of the slaughter, yet did nothing; he simply went back to sleep. This was his way, ‘Those who cannot fight their own battles, must be left to die.’ Unsurprisingly, it was this philosophy that allowed him to crush the rebel forces of Skyrim known as the Stormcloak. Some say the Figure ripped Ulfric’s head from his body using his bare hands; others say he devoured Ulfric– the reality? Ulfric Stormcloak was decapitated; by whom no one knows, but I can make an educated guess and I’m sure you can too.

On the day of the coup, the Figure was notoriously absent, away from the slaughtering, it is said his father died while searching for him receiving a sword in the back while doing so– the Figure would never return to that place until much later in his life.

For a time, he wandered Skyrim– listening, stalking, and hunting. It’s believed that the Figure would hear voices that warned him of attacks before they happened, and saw shadows that guided him to safety.

 Yet despite this life of isolation, murder, and Daedra worship, you could never tell him apart from a crowd, many believed him to just be a silent man who preferred the relaxing hymn of nothingness rather than the boisterous tone of sound- no one believed him to be a cold-blooded murder, a mercenary yes, but not a murderer… but, what’s the difference?

 It was said, on a moonless night, where all the stars had vanished; seemingly hiding behind the moon; the Figure heard a whisper that would forever change his life and the life of Tamriel itself– ‘It’s time, my son.’

It was time to bring all those who could bow-to bow to the one and only: Boethiah.

With this intent, no-one would know that the Harbinger of the Companions, the right hand of Queen Elisif, and her suspected lover, the ‘Shield of Solitude,’ the ghostly silent ‘Protector of Skyrim’ was the High Priest of Boethiah, the murder of Emperor Titus Mede the II, and the Listener.



Race: Any. I chose Breton for the massive boost in conjuration; the magic resistance, and I Dragonhide, I roleplayed it as an ancient magic art taught to the character by Boethiah (it's also very fun to use.)

Standing Stone: The Mage to start off then the Serpant for the paralyze (you ever been so afriad you couldn't move?).

Stat Distribuation: Magicka/ Health/ Stamina= 2/1/1 


Skills & Perks


Illusion– The Dark Figure appears from darkness– nothingness, he can’t be heard, and he can only be seen if you stare in the dark long enough, to create this effect: Invisibility+ Muffle combo is used quite often, as well as both Fear and Calm spells– this depends on your mood– play with your food before you enjoy it.

Conjuration– Conjuration was used for support; exclusively using fire-based Atronachs. I used Flaming Familiars A LOT as they’re literally guided fireballs, and spammed them until everything was ash, or only the strongest remained– which is where the Flame Atronachs came in handy.

One Handed– The main damage skill. This was quite fun, running after a terrified opponent or disremembering nicely dismembering an opponent who was mysteriously over come with calmness. I never like being messy… I’m not a murder I swear.

Sneak– Surprise was a very big part of this build and stealth was used a lot. It’s usually how combat’s initiated. One of my favorite things to do was to walk around enemies and just watch them… man, they had no clue what was coming.





Roleplay & Gameplay

 I roleplayed as a devout worshiper of Boethiah who’s main goal was to get more and more people into the cult of Boethiah, but focused more on the cynical/sly approach. I didn’t just rebel against everything, or fighting anyone; I was calm, calculating and precise. I’d ‘help’ very few, as those who cannot win their own battles are weak– undeserving of Boethiah ‘s time, and unworthy to worship her.

 A good example of how this character should be played was when I ‘joined’ the Companions. When I first met Aela, she talked how I wasn’t much help killing the giant, I brushed it off saying they didn’t look like they need help, she bantered on about ‘True Warriors’ an offered me to join a Companions– and order of warriors. This reeked of opportunity. I went to Jorrvaskr to scout out the warrior. They seemed… capable. So, I went out; practiced my skills on live subjects and return. In the end I found myself the Harbinger, all with the intention of making this guild a secret cult of Boethiah. I rarely help Aela, as she remained loyal to Hircine, but cured Vilkas and Farkas, again just to make them Cultist of Boethiah.

Going to extreme lengths to turn people to cultists is the main point of this playthrough.

Thus, the gamelpay complimenent the roleplay, I always scout an area before I attacked. How many enemies are there? Where are they? Are they spread out? How many are out of sight? After that I assassinated a few, routed a few, calmed a few, killed a few. That's the formula pretty much. Thinking before attacking is key.

I highly recommend playing on Master or stwitching to it once you near the build's level cap. It makes you think way more than playing on adept or expert.

As for Guilds and Quests 

  • Companions– Like I said, Boethiah values blood over all, a group of mercaneries fits that description perfectly.
  • Dark Brotherhood– Of course your the listener.

For quests, help those you consider strong, or would be uesful to Boethiah, leave the weak in their pits.



Have fun.

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  • Damn mate, I really love the love of this build. And it doesn't use Ordinator! (Not that I have a problem with it not using it). There a quote that this build makes me think of it, I'll have to find it but it goes something along the lines of... Ah here it is:

    'A villan is not just Hitler who killed millions of people. A villian can be quiet like a cold wind creeping under the door...'

    I also love that this build focuses more on strategy instead of running straight into battle. My only problem is that the text in the Equipment Spread (namely Mikruls Amulet) and some images are hard too see on my end.

    But besides that mate, great job!

    • Thanks my man; I'll re-do the equipment seciton.

      Changed; can you see them better now? Might want to lower your brightness a bit.

      • I don't have a problem seeing it.

  • Wow Ramses! Really solid entry. It came from a very cool and unique concept that I had never considered before. This was an exciting one to read because I never really knew what you were gunna do with it next. Going into it I would never have expected him to be a cultist of Boethiah, but the way you wrote the backstory it fits nicely with the character. I also like how you justified taking part in multiple questlines despite having a mysterious character that you may not think of walking around in broad daylight and talking to people.

    Well done on the whole. The build flowed very nicely. Thanks for participating in the event!

    • Thank you very much! That was really heart warming to read, and very nice of you ro say. Glad you liked it, fam!

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