Do you like dual wielding? Do you like Elemental Fury? Do you like orcs? If you said yes to all that, you´ll probably like this Build.

This build and most of the ones I'm gonna make in the future won't feature any or minimal Roleplay and Backstory as I find it unnecessary with builds that aren't dependent on it mechanically or playstyle-wise. If you do like Roleplay and such in a build, that's fine, but it will rarely be of significance for me.

Race: Orc, but you already knew that

Stats Distribution: Magicka:1 Health: 2 Stamina:2 [Level 40: 180 Magicka, 260 Health, 260 Stamina]

Standing Stone: Steed Stone and Lord Stone, with the Aethereal Crown

Shouts: Become Ethereal, Elemental Fury, Slow Time

Spells: Healing -> Close Wounds

Powers: Berserker Rage, Secret of Protection

Blessing: Blessing of Talos


Early game:

  • Any set of light armor
  • Rhagot
  • Amulet of Arkay/Amulet of Talos
  • Ring, Gauntlets, and Boots enchanted with Fortify One-handed
  • (Ancient Shrouded Boots and Gloves while in stealth)

Late game:

  • Aethereal Crown
  • Ancient Falmer Cuirass enchanted with Fortify Health [Fortify Light Armor]
  • Ancient Falmer Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify One-handed
  • Ancient Falmer Boots enchanted with Fortify One-handed [Fortify Stamina]
  • Ring enchanted with Fortify One-handed [Fortify Restoration]
  • Amulet of Talos/Gauldr Amulet
  • (Ancient Shrouded Boots and Gloves while in stealth)


There is a choice for the main weapon here: Axe, Mace or Sword. To keep it "simple" only use one of the three, I personally chose Mace.

  • Two main weapons enchanted with Chaos Damage [Fire Damage]
  • One unenchanted Dagger and one enchanted with Chaos Damage

There are some unique weapons, which are useful for this build:

  • Mace of Molag Bal for refilling your enchanted weapons
  • Windshear for the instant Stagger effect
  • Chillrend for its high base damage and unparalleled enchantment (keep in mind though that you´ll only get the best version once you're level 46+)
  • Mehrunes Razor for the small chance instantly kill

Skills & Perks

Level 40 Perks

One-Handed: Armsman 5/5, Dual Flurry 2/2, Dual Savagery, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike

Light Armor: Agile Defender 5/5

Enchanting:  Enchanter 5/5, Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, Storm Enchanter, Extra Effect, Insightful Enchanter

Restoration: Novice Restoration, Recovery 1/2, Respite, Avoid Death

Illusion: Novice Illusion, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting

Sneak: 2/5 Stealth, Muffled Movement, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Assassins Blade

As with any ranked perk, the ranks not listed above are of course good to have, but not required to play this Build properly


Use your main hand weapon of choice alongside an enchanted Dagger. When wounded, Become Ethereal is used to give time for the swap to your healing spell and bring distance between you and the enemies. When you need to put out more damage, switch to Elemental Fury and an unenchanted dagger.


Blunt Anger: Berserker Rage, Elemental Fury, Secret of Protection

Activate Berserker Rage, Elemental Fury, Secret of Protection and then dual-wield power attack your opponents. Use an unenchanted left-hand Dagger and enchanted main hand weapon. When using a dual-wield power attacking with Elemental Fury, the game only checks the left hand for enchantments, thus, the main hand can be enchanted.

Uses: When you're facing powerful enemies and useful when fighting in confined spaces with no room to dodge. This can only be done once a day, however, it, is strong enough to kill even the toughest enemies, don't waste it on small fry.



Wraith Strike: Elemental Fury, Shrouded Gloves & Boots, Quiet Casting

Activate Elemental Fury and then dual-wield power attack your enemy while in stealth.


Army Slayer: Berserker Rage, Slow Time

Activate Slow Time, Berserker Rage and then quickly dispose of all enemies in sight.

Uses: When multiple enemies are in close vicinity. With this setup, up to 6 strong enemies or any number of weak ones can be taken care of very quickly. Keep in mind that it Berserker Rage can only be used once a day and without it, this move simply isn't as powerful.

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    • oh, I forgot to mention, illusion is for quiet casting, which is needed for Wraithstrike. that´s also where you will be using stealth
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        • I only spent the bare minimum of perks in stealth. and, as you might have seen, 5 perks points are still free for use at level 40. those are for you to decide what you want to and in what way you want to advance your character. you could spend those on armour or damage or restoration or what have you. But I left those for the player to decide because it´s gonna depend on you.Basically, The Build works fine with just the chosen perks, and I wanted to keep it a well-rounded Build rather than a specialized one. lastly, there isn´t much to talk about as far as stealth goes. everyone knows the basics, and I couldn´t come up with anything original or different enough to be worthy of mention.
          • Don't worry about coming up with something unique or special. A good build isn't about being among the first to use a concept. A good build is all about sharing an experience you've enjoyed and wish for others to enjoy as well.
  • I notice a spelling error or two. I could fix those for you if you'd like.
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