Character Build: The Acrobat

Race: Khajit

Standing Stone: Thief

Stats: Make a good mix between health and stamina.

Backstory: Optional,if you like roleplaying.

Roleplaying: The acrobat is selfish but you can change him to your liking.

Factions: Thieves Guild,Dark Brotherhood(Optional), I don't know about the war factions so choose them to your liking.

Skills:Mostly focus on the thief and warrior part of the skill trees.
Perk Trees\Perks:

Light Armor:Agile Defender,Custom FIt,Unhindered,Wind Walker,Deft Movement.

Sneak:Stealth,Muffled Movement,Backstab,Light Foot,Deadly Aim,Silent Roll,Assassin's Blade(Optional if you are gonna use daggers.),Silence,Shadow Warrior.

Archery:Overdraw,Eagle Eye,Critical Shot,Steady Hand,Power Shot,Hunter's Discipline,Quick Shot,Ranger(Optional),Bullseye.

Block(Optional if you like using daggers\dagger for backup.):Shield Wall,Quick Reflexes,Block Runner.

One-Handed(Optional because daggers.):Armsman,Fighting Stance,Bladesman,Dual Furry(Optional for dual daggers.),Critical Charge,Dual Savagery(Again if you like dual wielding daggers.),Paralyzing Strike.

Lockpicking:Novice Locks,Apprentice Locks, Quick Hands, Wax Key,Adept Locks,Golden Touch,Treasure Hunter(If you like to be a thief-like character.),Expert Locks,Locksmith,Unbreakable,Master Locks.

Speech:Haggling(For selling stuff.),Allure,Bribery,Merchant,Persuasion,Investor(Optional)Intimidation(If you want a more intimidating acrobat.),Fence,Master Trader.

Mods:Athletics Training.

Gear:Choose any light armor, Use Nephyr or a Elven bow, Choose any kind of daggers.

Companions: Faendal,Cicero,Eola.

Enchantments: Fortify Wielding(Optional), Fortify Sneak, Fortify One-Handed(Optional),Fortify Block(Optional),Fortify Speech,Fortify Lockpicking,Fortify Archery.

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  • Hey man, once again like I said, this Build is barely a skeleton. you don't say why you take what skills, about the Roleplay, Gameplay or anything like that - check out this for ideas.

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