Character Build: The Agent


Race:Dark Elf


Standing Stone: Thief(Beginning-End Game) Mage(Mid-Game)

Stats:Make a balanced mix in Health,Magicka,Stamina.

Backstory:Optional if you like roleplaying.

Roleplaying:The agent will betray anyone after getting what he wants but you can change him to your liking.

Factions:Dark Brotherhood,Thieves Guild(Optional).

Skills:Focus on the mage and thief part of the skill trees.

Perk Trees\Perks:

Illusion:Novice Illusion,Animage(If you want to make giants calm down.),Apprentice Illusion,Hypnotic Gaze,Kindred Mage,Adept Illusion,Quiet Casting,Rage,Expert Illusion,Master Of The Mind,Master Illusion.

Archery:Overdraw,Eagle Eye,Critical Shot,Steady Hand,Power Shot(When fighting automatons or giants.),Hunter's Discipline,Ranger,Quick Shot,Bullseye.


Sneak:Stealth,Muffled Movement,Backstab(For deadly aim),Light Foot,Deadly Aim,Silent Roll,Silence,Shadow Warrior.

Lockpicking:Novice Locks,Apprentice Locks,Quick Hands,Wax Key,Adept Locks,Expert Locks,Locksmith,Unbreakable,Master Locks.

Light Armor:Agile Defender,Custom Fit,Unhindered,Wind Walker,Matching Set,Deft Movement.

Mods:Athletics Training

Gear:Chitin Armor(Light) or Shrouded Armor, You can use Nephyr or any of the craftable bows.


Enchantments:Fortify Illusion,Fortify Archery,Fortify Speech,Fortify Sneak,Fortify Lockpicking,Fortify Light Armor.

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  • Not a lot I can really say about this build man besides it's just a skeleton in my opinion. Check out this link for ideas and pointer

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