Event Build: The Huntmaster of Hircine


A Shaman of the Reach blessed by Hircine, she calls on her pack to aid her in combat before turning her enemies against each other. As her magika pools run dry, she invokes a darker form of magic to call upon  Hircine's blessings. 


Recommended Mods: 

Growl - Pretty much necessary here.

Natura - Lots of good spells to summon wolves. 

Forgotten Magic Redone - Wolf pack spell gives you a higher level call wolf style spell when Natura's start falling off. 

Triumvirate - Not really needed with the others, but it has a call Gray Wolf spell so I'll include it. Call Hound of Hircine is neat too. As a bonus, the Gray Wolf won't count toward your total summons, making it a great way to add to your pack.

Cloaks of Skyrim - Nice Aesthetic touch. 

Master of One - Only if you want to follow my perk choices. 

Any Alternate Start Mod - Starting in the Falkreath forests is a much neater continuation of her backstory. Plus, starting as a werewolf is a nice convenience. 


Do you smell that, friends? Fear and Despair.

Race: Breton 

Stats: 2:1 Magika:Health early game. Once you have enough magika, go 100% health. The only time we need stamina is in beast form, and Growl nicely converts magika to stamina.

Skills: Conjuration, Alteration, Illusion 

Conjuration - Conjure Familiar, Call Wolf and Call Dire Wolf (Both from Natura) will act as your pack. 

Alteration - Flesh Spells and Aspect spells (From Natura) are very helpful as a werewolf, enhancing Hircine's already powerful blessing.  

Illusion - Call upon ancient magics to turn your enemies against each other, or invigorate your allies. 


Gear: Fur Armor (Sleeveless), Forsworn Headdress, Forsworn Gauntlets and a Hide Cloak. For a ring, Use either Namira's, Hircine's or one of the rings from the Frostmoon Crag pack. 

None of these should be too hard to acquire and provide a fitting aesthetic. I chose to go barefoot to fit the wild aesthetic. 



Upon entering combat, you'll want to cast a flesh spell of/and an aspect spell if you intent on turning into a werewolf later A ritual prayer to the old gods, if you will. Against a single weaker enemy, just call your wolf(s) to hunt it before moving on. Maybe cast a fear spell to make a proper hunt for them. Against multiple, call your wolf(s) and cast a fury spell to turn them against each other. In any situation where combat  is taking a while, your wolves are struggling or your magika is low, call upon your beast form. This should end combat quite quickly, tearing apart your enemies. 

Otherwhise, you are a hunter of Hircine, and hunt you will. Nords you find in the wild are prey, and they will fall. Bandits, enemy Forsworn and Vigilants of Stendarr may believe they are the ones to hunt you, but your pack will soon teach them otherwise. You will show them what it means to be the source of nightmares.

Perks - Level 12:

(At Level 12 with enough cost reduction from perks, your spells are all online and most don't need to be spammed anyways - Magika management can still cause issues.) 


(Werewolf form will obviosly level differently, this is where I got to)


Special Moves:  



Howl of the Hunt – Aura Whisper + Beast Form + Ring of Instinct

A whisper to Hircine before your transformation causes time itself to slow as your instincts are heightened and your enemies highlighted.





Hunger of the Howlpack – Wolf Pack + Marked For Death 

Courage alone won’t keep them alive. Your wolves tear through your foes, weakened by a Hunter’s mercy.  

12131532460?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Hunter flings her prey in chase.


Born into a clan of reachfolk in a night of clear moons, the hagraven matriarch of the clan saw something in her. She was brought up as a shaman, taught natural magiks by the matriarchs. When she came of age, the hagraven matriarchs of her clan called upon her and other most talented warriors of the clan to partake in a ritual to receive Hircine's blessing directly, becoming werewolves. However, a suprise attack from a rival clan interrupted the ritual, with a pair of briarhearts descending upon the hagravens. This interruption released a mystical, concussive force that flattened the clan's tents and camps, killing almost all nearby. Except her. The magic forced her into a crazed rage as it caught her quickly following her initial transformation. Hours later, she woke to found herself at the heart of Falkreath's dense forest, with numerous arrows adorning her back and blood covering her face. Unsure of how she survived, she concluded it must have been Hircine's Blessing that let her live where others fell that day. While she still succumbs unwillingly to the call of the beast at times, she is mostly in control as she hunts in Hircine's name. She intends to find a new clan that will accept her, whether that be a pack of wolves, a clan of forsworn, or both. She will be the scourge of the forests, calling upon her howlpack to torment local nords and enemy forsworn while forging alliances with some others. 


Recommended Quests: 

The Forsworn Conspiracy - Siding with the Forsworn, this can give you a forsworn clan that accepts you. 

Ill Met By Moonlight - Pleasing Hircine is good to do. Either side works here. 

The Taste of Death - Namira is said to be worshipped by many forsworn, and so could be worth helping. 

The Affairs of Hagravens - Again, getting on good terms with some other forsworn. 

The Legend of the Red Eagle - Uncover the history of the great forsworn fighters. 

The Frostmoon Hunters - Find a pack and get some pretty sweet rewards from it. 

Most Other Daedric Quests can fit - allot of Daedra, or Spirits, are revered in forsworn culture. 

Closing Remarks: 

Also final thanks to the folks on the Skypothesis discord for some help giving feedback, and Jazz for help with formatting the perk spreads :). To reveal my inspiration here, I've based this build off of the Shamans of the Mondren Howlpack from Magic: the Gathering's Plane of Innistrad. While not a named character, I found them sufficiently interesting to base my first build and entry to Crossworldd Event #3 on.


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