Contest Build: The Subjugator (Modded)



Hey guys, Nether here. Welcome to the first ever build I've posted. After a year of watching other members present some of their best work, I've finallly forced myself to join (and I don't regret it). What started out as a rough idea of a dark and brutal knight, became more refined as I  continued to tinker around with ideas. I have to give a special thanks to The Long-Chapper for the great advice on how to make my ideas more presentable to my audience. Now, let us learn about the dark and menacing, brutal and unforgiving knight known as "The Subjugator": 

Life's Throat (A Quick Story)

"Please!" The boy begged as he screamed in agony. "Mercy, mercy!" But his pleas fell on the deaf ears of his father. "Mercy? Why you pathetic little maggot! Have I taught you nothing of our lord's teachings? There will be no mercy, stupid boy! Now scream so he can hear you! Louder! Louder! Loud-"

Mordreich roared in rage as he felt the hand of another on his shoulder. He grabbed the intruder by the throat and pinned him to the floor. Mordreich was ready to squeeze the life out of the fool who dared attack him while he slept, but then realized it was merely the son of the innkeeper. A young lad, too young to be a man, but too old to be a child. "Please, Milord. I can't breathe." The boy begged while gasping for air. "You're talking, so you must be breathing." Mordreich responds. He wasn't in the mood to kill, but he was deeply annoyed with the idiotic teenager.

He released the young Nord, but not out of mercy. There was none that Mordreich could give to the boy. He was simply not a threat. Nothing more, nothing less. " Why did you wake me, young man?" Mordreich inquired, still annoyed. "Forgive me, Milord. It's just that you have been causing restlessness for the other patrons, with the moaning and yelling. This has been going on for the past three nights. My father was growing concerned for your safety, so he sent me to check on you." The boy responded fearfully, realizing this man could have easily taken his life in a matter of moments. "Your father is a fool being worried for someone he doesn't know.""How dare y-"The boy snapped at Mordreich, but he could not finish his thought. 


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The muscular Reachman glared at the boy, eyes colder than a winter storm. The Nord teenager quickly turned his gaze from the stranger, hoping Mordreich wouldn't change his mind about killing him. While still glaring at the boy, Mordreich decided to teach a lesson he learned when he was a child. "Listen here, pathetic boy. Life is cruel, so you either grasp it by the throat, or it will step on yours. Do you understand me?" The Reachman asked with deadly seriousness. The young man turned his gaze back to Mordreich, and nodded "Good. Now it's time for me to leave." And so Mordreich departed that same night, for he heard about strange happenings in Skyrim during his stay in Bruma. Mordreich will continue his search for his father's 'Lord' until he finds him. He knows that Molag Bal is waiting...




Now, instead of going through incredibly over-detailed roleplay aspects with you, I'm going to give you a set of guidelines to follow in order to understand how to interact with the world as Mordreich, The Subjugator.

Rule 1: Never help anyone who you consider "too weak" to help themselves. That means no charity to beggars, no adoptions, nothing of that sort.

Rule 2: Only accept jobs and quests when you think there might be something to gain (i.e. gold, power, equipment, etc.).

Rule 3: Do not take shrine blessings. To worship is to submit to the will of the gods, and you submit to no one.

Rule 4: Don't use followers, they talk back too much. The only allies you need are your summoned minions.

Rule 5: Pick the rudest dialogue options as much as possible. You know you're not a good person, so screw what other people think. 


Important: I have only tested this build on a PS4, as it is the only platform I use to play games (such as Skyrim). I also made this character on a PS4 to show some love to its players who want to use mods for a unique playthrough, but aren't able to use mods like Imperious, Andromeda, etc. If this build seems like something that is already able to be done with the mods mentioned above, then go ahead and use those mods if you want. This is not a rant, just something you should know going forward. With that out of the way, let's get into the build:



The Character:


Name: Mordreich

Race: Breton-While still keeping the vanilla powers and passives (Dragonskin/+25% Magic resistance), Bretons now have a heavy focus on new Conjuration-based abilities that are important such as:

Oblivion Disposition- Conjuration spells cost 50% less Magicka and can last up to 5 minutes (1/day)

Oblivion Dominion- Reanimate all dead near you to follow and fight for you for 600 seconds (1/day)

Oblivion Comprehension- Bretons learn Conjuration 50% faster (Passive) 


Birthsign: The Atronach (+150 Magicka, +30% spell absorption, -90% Magicka regeneration)

Attribute 1: Endurance (Bonuses to Health and Stamina for every 5 levels)

Attribute 2: Willpower (Bonuses to Magicka regeneration and Stamina for every 5 levels)

Class: Knight (+50 Health, +25% Melee Damage, +50% Health regeneration)

Standing Stone: Ritual- Conjuration spells last twice as long and you take 25% less damage when you control a conjured creature. If you do not have a conjured creature, all incoming damage is increased by 25%

Stats: 2:1:1 - We need to squeeze out as much Magicka as possible in order to cast multiple spells throughout combat. Health and Stamina are already buffed significantly due to our class and attributes

Major Skills and Perks:

-Conjuration: The Subjugator has an innate ability to command the souls of the slain to fight by his side, whether they approve or not...8029273653?profile=RESIZE_400x

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Novice-Master Summoner

Dark Devotee 

Armor of Shadows

Daedric Pact

Oblivion Crisis 2/2

-Illusion: Mordreich uses his arcane knowledge of Illusion to inspire fear and despair into the hearts of his enemies.8033178689?profile=RESIZE_584x

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Novice-Master Illusionist

Howl of Rage

Aspect of Terror

Silent Casting

Indomitable Will 2/2

Strange Minds

-Heavy Armor: Mordreich sees himself as a true warrior, not a coward who hides in the shadows. With this in mind, Mordreich sees it necessary to wear the sturdiest of armors.8033176062?profile=RESIZE_400x Picture Link


Juggernaut 5/5

Conditioning 2/2




Well Fitted




Minor Skills and Perks:

-One-Handed: While not being a master, Mordreich is still quite proficient in his use of maces.

Skirmisher 1/5

Bone Breaker 2/2

Bell Ringer

Fighting Stance 

Savage Strike


-Smithing: Any warrior worth their weight needs to know how to temper their equipment. The Subjugator is no exception.

Novice Blacksmith

Basic-Advanced Styles


-Speech: Mordreich doesn't have a silver tongue, but he still knows how to get his way with others. 

Merchant 3/5 



-Enchanting: The Subjugator knows that souls have more uses than just being mindless minions and will use this to his advantage.


Artificer 1/5





-Hevnoraak (+30% One-Handed & Two-Handed damage, regenerate an extra 1% of your maximum Health per second, +50 Health)

-Necromancer's Amulet (+100 Magicka, 35% Fortify Conjuration, +100 Armor Rating, -100 Health, +100% Health regeneration, +20% spell absorption)

-Ring of Agony (Silver Amethyst Ring w/ Forify Illusion)

-The Tenebris Imperio (Ebony Armor w/ Dark Aura enchantment from "Master Necromancer Robes" mod. This enchantment acts like a cloak spell which inflicts an effect similar to a fear spell upon all living enemies and creatures.)

-Gauntlets of Coldharbour (Ebony Gauntlets w/ Fortify Magicka)

-Greaves of Bone-Stomping (Ebony Boots w/ Fortify Stamina)

-Mace of Molag Bal (+25 Absorb Stamina and Magicka, Soultrap for 10 seconds, recharges enchantment after each kill)



-Conjure Boneman

-Conjure Mistman

-Conjure Wrathman

-Conjurer's Cure 



Eternal Servitude: The Subjugator is deaf to the pleas of the fallen, for he determines when they have served their purpose to him.8033185886?profile=RESIZE_584x  

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Oblivion Disposition(Greater Power) + Mother's Sorrow(Ritual Stone Effect) + Master Summoner(Perk) + Dark Devotee(Perk)

-This is my favorite combo because of how long it extends your summons. You see, Oblivion Disposition multiplies your conjuration spell duration by 5, while the Ritual Stone doubles the duration of all conjuration spells and Dark Devotee grants an additional 50% duration bonus. Master Summoner affects summons only, but it stacks with the previous buffs. This leads to a maximum of 30 times the base duration for summons, and 15 times the base duration for other conjuration spells.


Unending Horror: Mordreich inspires fear into the hearts of many, weakening their will to fight and rendering them helpless.8033186267?profile=RESIZE_710x

Picture Link

Dark Aura(Enchantment) + Aspect of Terror(Perk)

-Another cool synergy I found while testing this build. The Aspect of Terror perk reduces enemy armor by 200 points while under the effect of a Fear spell. The Dark Aura enchantment acts just like a fear spell, but is active until combat ends. This means enemies nearby have a constant armor debuff until they die. This only works for living enemies and creatures. If you are facing undead, you need to cast a fear spell on them to get a similar effect.  


Nullification: Mordreich consumes the magical energy from the spells cast by his enemies, rendering them useless against him.8033264299?profile=RESIZE_400x

Picture Link

Dragonskin(Greater Power) + Atronach Birthsign + Necromancer's Amulet


-This combination is great against enemy mages and dragons since you will possess 100% spell absorption, but only when you activate the Dragonskin power. The rest of the time you will only have 50% spell absorption.


The Sundering: With each heavy swing of his mace, The Subjugator breaks down his opponent's defenses with brutal efficiency.

Picture Link

 Bone Breaker 2/2 (Perk) + Unending Horrors (Combo)

-This allows us to reduce a significant chunk of our enemies armor, therefore compensating for our overall low damage.


The Horde: As they fall, one by one...They shall rise, one by one. 

Picture Link

Eternal Restlessness(Combo) + Summon x 3 + Dead enemies + Oblivion Dominion(Greater Power)

-I use this combination when there are at least 2 dead enemies nearby. It's perfect for when you feel like having a personal army of fallen souls. (Note: Oblivion Dominion does not stack with Eternal Servitude, but still lasts for 10 minutes, which is a solid amount of time. Also, corspes reanimated by Oblivion Dominion do not count towards the summon limit.)


Dark Vigor: They will never know defeat, for they don't have a choice.

Picture Link



Eternal Servitude(Combo) + Summon + Conjurer's Cure(Spell)

-Since Mordreich is reliant on his minions to support him in battle, they need increased durability. Conjurer's Cure combined with Eternal Servitude allows our summons to restore 20 points of Health per second, for 150 seconds. This equates to 3,000 points of health restored. (6,000 if dual-cast)


Ok. Now that we have gone through all of the gameplay, let's talk about the mods used as the foundation for the build:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch:

 This mod will allow the player to use spell absorption without interfering with summons

*Adamant-A Perk Overhaul:

The perks in Adamant are what allow us to perform the different synergies this build needs to be both unique and viable. (*Please note the PS4 version has not been updated in a while, so there will be some variation in perks and their effects)

*Mysticism-A Magic Overhaul:

A mod that overhauls the vanilla spells while also adding a plethora of new spells, all with a focus on balance. (*Also note Mysticism is required in order to use Adamant)

Amazing Race Tweaks-Breton(ART):

An overhaul that fleshes out the Breton race, providing new abilities that are essential to the character.

Mundus-A Standing Stone Overhaul:

A mod that simply rebalances the standing stones in Skyrim.

Destiny-Attributes, Birthsigns and Classes:

A mod that brings back the attributes, birthsigns and classes of previous Elder Scrolls games, granting statistical bonuses as you level up. (You can find these as spellbooks on the dead mage in Helgen. Also, pick up the book titled "Health Progression" so you are rewarded with bonus health every time you level up. This will be useful since you only gain one point of Magicka, Health or Stamina/Carrying Capacity per level up.)

Master Necromancer Robes:

Robes with a unique enchantment that can be disenchanted and applied to any chest piece in the game. More on this in the "Equipment" section. ( To access these robes, you must complete "The Wolf Queen Awakens" quest and take the robes from the Master Necromancer chest you find after defeating Potema.) 

Relics of Legend-Enhanced Artifacts:

A mod that will overhaul some of the unique items in the game (i.e. Dragon Priest masks, etc.) that the player will use to reach maximum effectiveness.

Recommended Mods (In This Order):

Smilodon- Combat of Skyrim

Athletik Combat

Better Combat AI

Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors

I use these four mods to make Skyrim's combat dangerous, but also fair. You can use whatever combat overhauls you have access to, but I find these suit my preferences quite well.



Well, that wraps the build up. It has been an honor joining the Skyforge and meeting people who share the same love of Elder Scrolls. All I can say now is to go out and have fun crushing your enemies with the might of your army of souls. This is Netherman, logging off. 

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  • If anybody is looking at what I've done so far, I could use some feedback on my presentation. Also, do I need to post links for pictures I found on the internet?

    • If you do a google search for your images, you usually can find the source. I would just do a small credit line either underneath the picture, or in the end, just have a series of credits. 

      As for the build, nice to see another Adamant build, mine is also one. How are you handling the leveling of skills and how are you handling early game, though I always found conjurers and illusionists pretty easy to level up. That leaves just heavy armor really as the slow grind. Also, how, with Conjuration and Illusion and Enchanting as primary skills, do you keep this build balanced? It's always my conjurers and Illusionists that struggle the least, so balancing will be key for this build. And I know, you probably play on Legendary, but Legendary just makes things health sponges, it doesn't improve the AI of the enemy. What is your other planned gear besides the robes? There is really good gear for Conjurers and Illusionists in the game (Necromancer's Amulet, Vokun, Ahzidal's stuff), the mods you mentioned, are you sure Enchanting is necessary? I will always ask this, because I hate enchanting. :D

      So far, it looks like the build needs filling out, we need gameplay, roleplay, quests, and gear, but I'm sure you are working on it. How's your playtest going? It's tough with a new perk overhaul, at least I think so. There's a list of perks for the Xbox and PC versions but I haven't found one for the PS4, so there has been some guesswork as to which perks I'll end up using. I find that I'm writing the effects of each perk as I take them so I have them handy, because you're right, PS4 Adamant is quite different from Xbox and PC's version. I'm considering doing a separate perkspread for the different versions, though I am quite swayed to not offer a perkspread for my build and explain the perks. We lose the graphic element that people like, but I dunno, perkspreads for me are beginning to fall out of favor. 

      The presentation feels very left-aligned to me and the images, while nice, look a litttle washed out. You can text wrap images and I find that it looks rather nice. For presentation, have a look at other builds in the site. 

      Ugh, edit, how are you tying this to the theme of the contest?

      • Hey, thanks for the feedback. Just updated some of the features of the gameplay section (a few combos, removed images because I'm starting to get annoyed about finding the right links, so I'll get to that again later. I also added in the equipment section. I only really use enchanting to get the Dark Aura enchantment from the Master Necromancer Robes on a piece of armor, save charges on the Mace of Molag Bal and only use one enchantment per armor piece to try and balance it out.) I try to focus more on the mid-endgame because I feel that is when the uniqueness of the build starts to show itself. As for balance, I'm not sure what to use in terms of combat mods since I only play on PS4. This build is tied to Molag Bal since he also enslaves the souls of the fallen to do his bidding, as well as being a very imtimidating and dominant personality. But, I'm trying to go with a more "positive" side to Molag's sphere. Thanks again for the feedback, I hope to hear more in the near future.

      • Just updated it, so the build should feel more complete (with the exception of pictures and their links), in terms of the gameplay. Made some changes since enchanting is still quite powerful, such as making the skill a minor one (therefore removing some perks). It should balance out the build even more since I only use one enchantment per item. I also decided to swap Blade and Blunt for Smilodon (w/o patch) for increased lethality and add Athletik Combat for the attack commitment that Smilodon doesn't feature. Better Combat AI and Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors PS4 makes sure that enemies are at their maximum effectiveness. If you have any other feedback on the gameplay section (besides pictures), feel free to let me know. 

        • Okay, haha, you went the other direction. Now everything is too centered. Okay, what you do and my apologies for not being clear. Center align major headings and large photos, left-align the body of the text. For smaller photos, either left or right align depending on how it looks within the text. For example...


          -Hevnoraak (+30% One-Handed & Two-Handed damage, regenerate an extra 1% of your maximum Health per second, +50 Health)

          -Necromancer's Amulet (+100 Magicka, 35% Fortify Conjuration, +100 Armor Rating, -100 Health, +100% Health regeneration, +20% spell absorption)

          -Ring of Agony (Silver Amethyst Ring w/ Forify Illusion)

          -The Tenebris Imperio (Ebony Armor w/ Dark Aura enchantment from "Master Necromancer Robes" mod. This enchantment acts like a cloak spell which inflicts an effect similar to a fear spell upon all living enemies and creatures.)

          -Gauntlets of Coldharbour (Ebony Gauntlets w/ Fortify Magicka)

          -Greaves of Bone-Stomping (Ebony Boots w/ Fortify Stamina)

          Mace of Molag Bal (+25 Absorb Stamina and Magicka, Soultrap for 10 seconds, recharges enchantment after each kill)

          Side not: How do you like those mods? I'm currently using Smilodon with the Realistic patch and like it sometimes. I also have issues with multiple mods and compatibility because I'm extremely stubborn and incist on Morrowloot + Morrowind Miscellanie + their patch. With Adamant and Mysticism I'm already changing a lot in the game and sometimes my PS4 gets very pissed with me. 

          Out of curiousity, what is your Load order? I'm asking because us PS4 people are rare and it's always great to know what someone else is doing to get a stable modded game. 

          • This is my core setup, in this order:


            Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

            Combat Sound And Impact Tweaks

            TLS Sound Overhaul (Only because Improved Sounds was removed)

            Civil War Equipment Organised

            Imperial Armors Uniformity

            Faction Outfits (WIth or Without CC)

            Perks From Questing

            Morrowind Miscellania Overhaul



            Werewolf Perks Expanded

            Vampire Lord Perks Expanded

            Vampire and Werewolf Overhaul

            Rebalanced Leveled Lists

            Rich Merchants of Skyrim

            Destiny- Attributes, Birthsigns and Classes


            Ordnance- Sensible Armaments of Skyrim

            Third Person Camera

            TWC- There and Back Again (Only for Textures and Landscape changes)

            Mythical Ages or Rustic Weathers (Torn Between these two right now. I know these overwrite TWC,but this is what I found to look better)

            Obsidian Mountain Fogs

            Dolomite Precipitation (For better Rain/Snow textures)

            Smooth Orc Female Faces

            Smooth Dunmer Female Faces

            Smooth Human Female Faces

            Increase Blood Amount

            Rain and Snow FX

            Luminosity Lighting Overhaul

            Realistic Night Eye-Original (Because Vanilla Night Eye is USELESS)

            Classic Leveled Skeletons

            Frost Giants (PS4)

            Splendor: Dragon Variants


            Improved Bandits

            Genuine Giants

            Buffed Dragons and Bosses

            Dragon Tweaks without Storms

            Dragon Encounter Tweaks (I found these three actually work together very well, with no conflicts noticed)

            IA92's Enchanting Without Restriction (Only useful mod made by this guy)

            Smeltdown Update

            Clothes Forge Crafting

            Julihah's Old Town Riften- Interiors

            Julihah's Old Town Riften - Exteriors

            More Snow on the Road

            Julihah's Rocks and Mountains - Basic Package (Doesn't change textures, yet somehow they look better in my opinion)

            Forests of Skyrim

            Simply More Trees (Trees just seem to make Skyrim much more...alive)

            Bridges of Skyrim

            Quaint Raven Rock

            TGC Dawnstar

            JK's Most of Skyrim

            Magical College of Winterhold

            Magical Staves and Staffs

            Animated Weapon Enchants

            The Midden: Expanded

            Forgotten Dungeons

            EasierRider's Dungeon Pack

            Updated Mine Markers

            Extra Map Markers

            Less Tedious Thieves Guild

            Mages Guild Requirements

            More Radiant Quests For The Companions

            Companions Requirements

            Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux (Because I prefer this over TWC)


            Guard Dialogue Overhaul

            Immersive Citizens

            Modified Inns City and Town

            Realistic Conversations 

            TLS Skyrim FPS Overdrive



            Everything else in my load order is subject to change. This is the best I could do to make Skyrim look good and be mostly stable As for the mods I'm testing out, I actually like them quite a bit. You know if you have a PS4 and a Mic, I could invite you to a party on PSN and we could talk about anything Elder Scrolls-Related. Of course, that is your choice. 


            • Thanks! We have quite a few mods in common, I'm just suprised you got this all to be stable, becaue you have WAY more than me, but Morrowloot is a weird bird and I have a lot of CC content and I know that sometimes effects things. And sure, always great to connect with another PS4 person from Skyforge. I'm not on a lot for Skyrim (Usually only late evenings, been applyinf for jobs), but occasionally I can talk. There are relatively few of us. My PSN is SkyrimNut201.

              • Is now a good time? If so, I'll send you an invite to my party.

                • Unfortunately, no, because my husband is on an opposite sleep schedule, so you'll see me playing in a bit, but I can't chat. 

                  • Ok. Just let me know when you get a chance. I'd love to actually talk to someone that understands and is interested in Elder Scrolls. And thank you for the feedback, it is most appreciated! 

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