Advent of the Necrolord
Ormurus Vasotis


From the darkness will arise a force unlike any have seen before. His Grace left for this world two great gifts. The first, the Necromancer's Moon, which empowers those who seek the Dark Practice and allows the followers of the Divines to lose their souls. By its gift, we also gain the power to blacken Grand Soul Gems, to create vessels for these followers, that they may serve our wills against Arkay himself. The second gift, subtle as the air itself, whispered only to the most capable and secretive of Necromancers. The final gift of His Grace, the almighty Necrolord, inheritor to his power and knowledge.

Even the most accomplished Necromancers require months, if not years of study and practice, before they can raise their first permanent skeleton servant. However the Necrolord is a completely different entity entirely. From birth, he is given dominion over souls, and mastery of undeath. It must be learned, like any Necromancer, but the time it takes for them to raise their first undead can be shorter than a week at most. Truly, there is no greater with such affinity for death.

Yet for all their splendor, the Necrolord seems rare to arrive to this world. There was one, a pretender during the end of the Third Era, but his power was not fully realized and he was no Necrolord. And there have been other potential candidates throughout history since his ascension near the end of the Third Era, but they have all been feld by some hero or another, Truly, His Grace has yet to find any worthy successor, yet to bless the destiny of one with great undead power.

I believe, brothers and sisters, that the Dark Practice will gain its champion. Even now, there are loyal subjects who travel the lands, searching for the one who shows the signs of succession, and ready to lead him down the path to power in veneration to our own God. When that day comes, all acolytes of Arkay will feel the very breath from their body escape them as the darkness encroaches their space. It will be a sign that the successor has arrived, that the Necrolord is upon them all.

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  • Le Update.

    I've created an actual Skyrim Book variant, but I kept the text just in case someone can't see it.

    • ooh, it looks great!

      • I've got another one of these coming up hopefully.

  • If im not mistaken at one point there was a mod project in the works in the form of a large series of made up ingame books. The author was asking writers to volunteer their writings to this project 

  • Le Update.

    3.0, now with actual in-game book-ness!!

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