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The Scar Knight
Lywane Hearthgnese
Ex-Loremaster of the Knights of Camlorn


What I write today, I write in memory of the brave men and women who died on that horrible day, so that the truth may come to light in the near future.

Within Camlorn there exists a brave order of knights, simply known as the Knights of Camlorn, that was formed somewhere around 4E 186. Much like the Vigilants of Stendarr, this group was born out of a desire to protect their province from the threats that the future may hold, more notibly the Thalmor. Founded by the powerful Spellsword Ilannius Gravenus, it boasts some of the greatest warriors in the area for how early it was founded, including one noteworthy Nord named Aron. This man is the main focus of this tale.

Aron arrived at Camlorn in 4E 198 to join the knights, for the purpose of becoming strong for war. Why he did not simply remain in Skyrim and joined the Companions is anyone's guess, but after seeing his incredible potential none would have it any other way. He was a fresh warrior, yet his heart, body and soul were clearly made of sterner stuff, and within the two and a half years he trained with them he became a mighty man. He was loved by both the people and his peers, and Ilannius saw within him the future of the Knights.

Untill that fateful day.

Somewhere around early 4E 201, word had spread of one of the most wicked bandit-mercenary groups known to High Rock, the Dreadmen. Barbaric, fierce and without morality, their ranks were said to be made up of exalted warriors whose restless hunger to kill prevented them from being a part of any knighty order in Tamriel. Bound together by a fallen soldier, Hrondir the Unfaithful, they took any job that was thrown their way, and even some that weren't. They and the Knights of Camlorn would often butt heads over missions, and Hrondir had even sworn to wipe them off the face of the map. That threat couldn't come to pass because of the Knights' impressive defenses.

But they attacked, and when they did they assaulted a nearby town first, one that was under their protection and served as their main hub for obtaining goods and materials. This attack would split the Knights' offense and defense, allowing Hrondir and his most powerful men to attack their base in a powerful blitz. The Knights were successful in putting down the Dreadmen but the victory was pyrrhic; the destruction to both the town and the base was immesurable, over 85 percent of the knights were slaughtered, and over 35 percent of civilians met the same fate.

After the storm, Ilannius then revealed a horrible revelation: The man known as Aron was the cause of the attack, having revealed information to the Dreadmen and assisted them in the assault, in an attempt to destroy the order and restore it under his banner. He branded his face with flame magic and dubbed him the Scar Knight, a traitor to High Rock and a blight on Tamriel. He would later meet his end at Aron's hand when the latter fled persecution afterwards, his heart pierced by Aron's sword, which pinned him to the earth he fell on even after the others had found his body.

The whereabouts of the Scar Knight are unknown, even to this day. It is said that missionaries from the now-defunct Knights began travelling to the various provinces in an effort to hunt him down and bring him to justice. Whether or not this is true, I cannot say, for I have since stepped down from my position as loremaster of the Knights to collect my thoughts and write this book. You see, I remain skeptical of the events that concluded on that dreadful day; Aron was a great man, unwavering in his desire to protect others, and Ilannius has ordered me to silence about events that have shaken my faith beforehand, so I am at odds with how much information is truly known about that dreadful day.

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