C.o.t.w Chapter: The Endless Grey



As Hasir, Inigo and the other companions ermerged from the portal, they found themselves in a city with a sky that burned cold and

had equally creepy architecture. The foreboding atmosphere only served to triple the grief that had their hearts in a vice-like grip.


Xelzaz found a small pub near the mages guild, opened the door and motioned everyone inside. He went up to the bar and ordered

six mead. The daedric bartender looked at him like he had six heads.

"Molag Bal does not serve 'mead' here, this is Coldharbor not SKyrim, get lost mortal." He said, waving the Argonian away. Xelzaz

did not move. He lent over the counter and grabbed the daedra's collar, "We just had a horrific death occur, can you or can you not

supply use with some drink?" He said, outraged.


The daedra bent under the counter, looking for something that might satisfy his need for drink. 

"I do have somethin' that you might find tasty." He placed six filled mugs of a strange black liquid on the counter.


Everyone felt his loss weigh on them in various ways. Hasir knew this expecially bother the three Nords the most. He was like a

father to them. He should've been the one to finish off Molag Bal's pet; if he did, Kodlak might be still alive. Inigo saw the grieving

Argonian break down and tried to comfort him. 

"My friend, it is no use beating yourself up like this. There was nothing you could've done. It would be unwise to tell yourself otherwise.

Let's press on and finish this for our sakes and Kodlak's." He said, an expression of grim determination on his face.


Hasir nodded and got three bedrooms and brought over more mead for the grieving companions. Hasir sat down as Aela took

slammed her mug loudly on the table and snarled at the Argonian.

"I didn't ask for you you to get us mead and a room."


Hasir lifted a clawed finger into the air.

"Correction. i got you mead and three rooms." 


Aela slammed her fist so hard into the wood that Hasir's mead skittered and fell over; spilling onto the floor.

"I don't give a dann what you got us. We should be out there finding the bastard that killed Kodlak."


The argonian sighed and grabbed Aela's arm to prevent her from doing something stupid.

"Aela, wait... calm your wolf for a second. We can't just rush in blindly. We need to assess the situation first."


The female Nord shot daggers at him; kicking him sharply in the shin.

"Assess that, dumbass! We should be out there finding the harbinger's killer, not sitting her twiddling our thumbs and waiting for him

to fall into our laps."


Hasir motioned for the fiery Nord to cool down.

"Hsss...not before we have some rest." He said through gritted teeth, "Hircine knows we need it." Aela shot daggers at him and

crossed her arms. "I alsowould like to hear more of Xelzaz and my uncle's reincartions."

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