On the Rise: TOC


Darkness has awakened in Skyrim.


One year after the Emperor's assassination, the Dark Brotherhood has risen to infamy it has not known in centuries. With such prominence comes the need for new recruits. Young mage Arbelle Fane is one such recruit, having grown up an orphan in Riften's Ratway. When she slays a dangerous wizard, her actions are observed by unseen forces, and the Dark Brotherhood gives her an offer of a lifetime. A web of lies, conspiracy, and of course assassination unfold as she traverses the dark path in her new family, all the while seeking to unravel the mystery of her true family's demise, and seek vengeance on those responsible. 


Takes place in a world without Astrid's betrayal and the destruction of the Falkreath Sanctuary. 


Chapter One: A Dark Sister is Born


Chapter Two: Baptism of Fire


Chapter Three: Welcome Home


Chapter Four: Meeting the Family


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  • Nice. I loved chapter 1 and Im already working on chapter 2. Love this story so far. The Dark Brotherhood is my favorite faction by far. BTW Not seeing an image show up. 


    • It's showing up for me, how about now? 

      • Try saving the image and uploading from your computer. I think this fanfiction site where the image is from is not allowing me to see it. Odd.

        • OK now I see it. 

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