The Elder Scrolls Chronicles

A Collection of Short Tales from Tamriel by Pixel


Art from Zenimax's "The Elder Scrolls: Online"


The world of the Nirn is filled with endlass potential for interesting stories, dynamic characters, and fascinating lore. This series of standalone short stories will explore a diverse array of themes, story types, and character arcs in a relatively bite-sized format. Some characters might get their own spinoff series, and if that's the case I will link those alongside the original Chronicle they appear in. 


All of the stories included here will be with original characters (though perhaps with some cameo appearances from known figures throughout Elder Scrolls History when appropriate). 


The Chronicles


Fog of War

Haunting at Grimwatch

Lucid Nightmares, A Tale of Caliban




If you are upset by dark themes, crude language, or vivid descriptions of violence and death or blood, I would advise you to give these stories story a miss. All of this is included with purpose and not gratuitous or glorified, but if those sorts of descript images bother you, these may not be the stories for you. That said, enjoy the Chronicles!

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