The Imperial Auditor - ToC


The trials and tribulations of an Imperial administrator taking his first steps outside of Cyrodiil, to Skyrim the land of dragons, rebels and draugr to complete a census of the population. This journey would never go according to plan, however Auguris Cedas believed in the might and rules of the Empire, and would complete his task, one way or another...


Table of Contents


~~ Prologue ~~

Where Auguris finds himself in a bit of a fix


~~ PrologueChapter One ~~

Auguris is in denial, who knows for how long...


~~ PrologueChapter Two ~~

To fly or to fall, that is the question...


~~ Chapter Three ~~

This is not what warriors are made of


~~ Chapter Four ~~

Doing the books


~~ Chapter Five ~~

To Whiterun


~~ Chapter Six ~~

A heated discussion


~~ Chapter Seven ~~

Not everything is as it appears


~~ Chapter Eight ~~

A fond farewell


12342334900?profile=RESIZE_584xAuthors Note


This story began from a number of small questions that recently entered my mind – how many people are there really in Skyrim (excluding bandits and necromancers etc.), where are they importing the apples and tomatoes from? Auguris is the man who is going to find out, and no dragon (if they even exist) will stop him.

I would also like to thank Sotek for his support, firstly for encouraging me to post The Imperial Auditor in the first place and for his continued support in relation to editing and "encouraging" me to post further chapters.


Last updated: 4th September 2016 (on hiatus not abandoned!)


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