Writing Prompts: April 2020

“Writing Prompts: April 2020”


(Image by Yacrical at: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElderScrolls/comments/8rafpw/oc_fan_art_spriggan/)

Here are potential writing ideas for April of 2020. Those wishing to submit their writing may tag it with “writingpromptsapril2020” to have it archived and found more easily. Not every category has to be used, and you may pick and choose what to include in your writing. It is yours after all! If you have suggestions for next month’s prompts, shoot me a private message! For questions regarding "Writing Prompts" please read the Introduction here.

*Note: Most of the Characters, Races, Weapons, Armors, Spells, Shouts, Locations, and Factions have been randomly generated.*

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Monthly Theme: "A Beautiful World"

Other Themes:

  • Conservation
  • Beauty in All
  • Childlike Wonder

Elder Scrolls Holidays and Events:

  • Gardtide
  • Day of the Dead (Daggerfall)
  • Day of Shame
  • Jester's Day

Real World Holidays and Events:

  • April Fool's Day
  • Easter
  • Earth Day

Characters and Races:

  • Spriggan
  • Faerie
  • Khajiit
  • Imperial

Weapons and Armors:

  • Firiniel's End
  • Armor of the Old Gods
  • Aegisblade
  • Hevnorahk

Spells and Shouts:

  • Restoration- Turn Undead
  • Kyne's Peace
  • Call Dragon

Locations and Factions:

  • Eastmarch
  • High Rock
  • Tribal Orcs
  • Forsworn


  • “Breathe in that sea breeze! It's starting to smell like home, isn't it?"
    "It's starting to smell like fish. Ugh."
  • "She's beautiful... I've never seen anyone like her before..."
  • "They don't call me 'The Skullbreaker for nothin'!'"
    "Boss, no one calls ya that..."
    "Aye, but they should!"


  • Spring is a time of rebirth, but the main character is still overcoming a great loss.
  • A faction war looms on the horizon.
  • The main character expresses their admiration for the innocent eyes of their child.

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