Writing Prompts: January 2020

“Writing Prompts: January 2020”


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Here are potential writing ideas for January of 2020. Those wishing to submit their writing may tag it with “writingpromptsjanuary2020” to have it archived and found more easily. Not every category has to be used, and you may pick and choose what to include in your writing. It is yours after all! If you have suggestions for next month’s prompts, shoot me a private message! For questions regarding "Writing Prompts" please read the Introduction here.

*Note: Most of the Characters, Races, Weapons, Armors, Spells, Shouts, Locations, and Factions have been randomly generated.*

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Monthly Theme: "Change"

Other Themes:

  • Beginnings and Endings
  • War and Peace
  • Birth and Death
  • Travel and Trade

Elder Scrolls Holidays and Events:

  • New Life Festival
  • Ovank’a
  • South Wind’s Prayer
  • Day of Lights

Real World Holidays and Events:

  • New Year’s Day
  • World Religion’s Day

Characters and Races:

  • Redguard
  • Akaviri
  • Dwemer
  • Giant
  • Breton

Weapons and Armors:

  • Windshear
  • Volendrung
  • Bloodthorn
  • Targe of the Blooded
  • Wolf Armor
  • Konahrik

Spells and Shouts:

  • Conjuration- Summon Weapon
  • Destruction- Sparks
  • Frost Breath

Locations and Factions:

  • Skyrim
  • Black Marsh
  • College of Whispers
  • Thieves’ Guild
  • Morag Tong


  • “Change is inevitable; you’re going to have to accept it sooner or later.”
    “I don’t want to accept it! I don’t want it to change! I want it all to stay the same as it is! As… As it was…"
  • “I’m not touching that thing!”
    “Oh, come on. It’s harmless now.”
    “That’s what you said before it attacked us!”
  • “I suppose I can’t ask you what you’re doing?”
    “I suppose I can’t ask you to mind your own business?”


  • Walking in the snow, the main character stumbles across an oddity: a strange mask.
  • While celebrating the New Life Festival, the main character has an unexpected visitor.
  • The main character stumbles upon a meeting they were not supposed to see and must deal with the consequences.

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  • So we make a story based on any theme or quote you listed?
  • Very cool idea you have here. Interested to see what comes from some of these prompts!
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