Writing Prompts: May 2020

“Writing Prompts: May 2020” 

("Viking Family Portrait" by Myron Sahlberg) 

Here are potential writing ideas for May of 2020. Those wishing to submit their writing may tag it with “writingpromptsmay2020” to have it archived and found more easily. Not every category has to be used, and you may pick and choose what to include in your writing. It is yours after all! If you have suggestions for next month’s prompts, shoot me a private message! For questions regarding "Writing Prompts" please read the Introduction here

*Note: Most of the Characters, Races, Weapons, Armors, Spells, Shouts, Locations, and Factions have been randomly generated.* 

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Monthly Theme: "Familial Focus" 

Other Themes: 

  • Siblings and Parents 
  • Self-Care and Self-Love 

Elder Scrolls Holidays and Events

  • Second Planting 
  • Fire Festival 
  • Fishing Day 

Real World Holidays and Events

  • Teacher’s Day 
  • Mother’s Day 
  • Memorial Day 
  • Mental Health Awareness Month 
  • Foster Month 

Characters and Races

  • Nede 
  • Dwemer 
  • Nord 
  • Orsimer 

Weapons and Armors

  • Otar 
  • Soulrender 
  • Auriel’s Bow 
  • Ahzidal’s Set 

Spells and Shouts

  • Restoration- Healing 
  • Illusion- Self 
  • Aura Whisper 

Locations and Factions

  • Fighter’s Guild 
  • Summerset Isles 
  • Skyrim 
  • Stormcloaks 


  • “So what if you weren’t my own blood? I still loved you like you were.” 
  • “Hey, have you seen my-” 
    “You’re literally wearin-” 
  • “I’m getting tired... I need... I need to rest...” 
    “I know. I’m just... I’m afraid you won’t wake up again if you do.” 


  • The main character reflects on their parents. 
  • Upon discovering they aren’t who they thought they were, the main character goes on a journey of self-discovery. 
  • The main characters realize, after years of traveling together, they might have feelings for one another. 

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