Warrior of The Reclamations - Ragnvald - Build Showcase - Skyrim SE

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Azura, Boethiah and Mephala. For the Dunmeri, The Reclamations are the true way and should be worshipped as such. The Warrior of The Reclamations seeks the favor of Them, using their artifacts to help him in his path. The Ebony Mail protects him, the Ebony Blade kill his foes and The White Star enhance his powers.

The Warrior of The Reclamations build.

Major Skills: Two-Handed, Smithing, Conjuration, Destruction

Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Enchanting

Mods I used:

- Ordinator

- Zim's Immersive Artifacts

- Morningstar Races of Skyrim

- Andromeda Standing Stones

- Apocalypse Spells

- Immersive Armors

- SkyUI

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