We Have A New Discord Server!

New Official Discord of The Sky Forge!


Hey y'all!

On behalf of the entire admin here on The Sky Forge, I would like to welcome you to come join us on our brand new Discord server!

The Sky Forge server is still fairly new, but you're sure to recognize a ton of familiar faces! With a variety of channels, there's something for just about everyone over there. A large majority of our builders, writers, and lore experts hang around on the server daily, so Discord is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your questions answered. 

If you have a Discord already, joining is as easy as clicking the link below. If not, signing up is free and easy! The interface is super easy to understand and use on both mobile and web browser. If you have any questions about the new server or how to sign up, feel free to ask! 

Thanks for hanging out with us! Talos Guide You!

Join the Server Here!

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