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Hi all,


First post here, but I've been combing some of the other discussion threads about mods, and favorite settings to play with etc, but I am wondering if anyone experienced in PC can point me in the right direction for what I need to do first. I've always been a console person - started way way back and this will be my first transition to PC. And of course, Skyrim is my jumping off point. I'm super pumped to begin modding, tinkering and overall upgrade the experience to Skyrim so I can feel like a whole new game!

Any tips from experienced PC users for what I should get? Things to try? Really just anything you feel like sharing with a console peasant who's looking to move up in the world :)



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  • OK, so I've got all of this up and running and it's like an entire new game! Does anyone have any "best mods" that they love playing with? I'm starting with Ordinator now to begin with whole new ideas for builds, but if there's any other great ones people love I'm open to suggestions!

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