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Character Build: The Warden

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to character building, but I've been following the archives and groups for a long time, on Skyforge, and on TamrielVault before that. I play on Xbox One, but hopefully soon, I'll be able to upgrade to PC in time for the next game in the series. For now, I have a character backstory and build I've been working on for some time, and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in collaborating with me. I want to create an ordinator build for an ESO-style Warden, but more, I want to create new lore for the class itself. It has always fallen to the audience to build upon pre-existing lore, or in some cases fill in the gaps, to justify the actions, origins, and skillsets of player characters. For example, there is not a single witchunter NPC in skyrim, but it's one of the most popular playstyles, and so people find their own unique ways to roleplay it. When I saw the Warden introduced in the ESO Morrowind expanion trailer, I knew that I wanted to create a character build that would not only emulate the trailer character's abilities, but also explain where and how he, or anyone else in that world, might've learned to wield a blade, command magic, and tame beasts. If you would like to work with me, hit me up.

Hail Sithis.

P.S. I apologize in advance if I'm not posting in the correct area or using the tag system correctly. If edits are required, plase let me know. 

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