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Let's have a Character Building Event/Challenge!!!

With summer already here and covid to keep us inside, there is plenty of time to play Skyrim. Unlike the last contest, this event will have no cash prizes, only street cred, and winners will be determined by number of likes or a poll.

Let's start this discussion by talking about possible themes for the event, or any challenges that each of us must undertake.

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    • A "shield hero" build pops up in my mind for some reason.

      • Nice, like a turtle build that just bashes the enemy while their follower does work

        • Yup, I was thinking of a resto shield build with some buffing spells like courage, and shouts like battle fury. I think it's about time to man up and be the meat shield instead of Lydia. Hahaha

      • I was thinking of a similar thing. Tried a test run on a high level character earlier today, kind of worked, was definitely a different way of playing.

        Tried to mesh elements of other builds I’ve seen to make something unique, which is hard to do.

  • Hey guys, there's a new discussion in the Character Building group where you can check out the details of the event as well as sign up!


    Character Building Event: Supporting Characters
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