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Parthinax calls me a priest name

        Ok; I was doing my play through as my dragonpriest krosis. Which is coming along fine by the way. I got to meeting Parthinax and I don’t know if it is a mod  I have somewhere or if he does it in vanilla. He called me by my dragonpriest name of krosis! I was like wait hold on, he just called me krosis! Now I did a little experiment; I started my Rahgot dragonpriest build got to him again, and can you believe it, he called me Rahgot!

     Now in both of these I made sure the priest mask of rahgot or krosis was the first and only mask I retrieved before meeting him, as that is my build for these; to play as a dragonpriest before priesthood. Does he do this all the time?I asked myself and it seems he does as I then started morokei and got to him once more and again he called me by the priest name of my first and only mask Morokei! Someone else please try this for yourself and let me know if he calls you by the name of the First and only dragonpriest mask you get so I can know if it is maybe a mod I have or not. 

I am curious.

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  • In my experience (I play vanilla) he always "calls" you Krosis. Really he is saying Krosis because he is apologizing for not knowing an answer. I have never really done much with the masks and I play on switch so it'd be a pain to test but I'm sure somebody will come along and answer this.

    To the best of my knowledge: this is a mod. The exception is Krosis which he says in his speech a lot.

    • Hmm thanks, the only mods I have on are immersion, rain and snow,better Skyrim mod, NPC AI overhaul etc. maybe it is the AI overhaul...

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